Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Sky is Full of Color!!

My Balloon report continues today with another trip to a Morning Mass ascension!  This day was so absolutely perfect because it was not too cold and no wind on the field!  We love that!!! 

You just never know what you are going to see!!  

That Penguin from Great Britain was so cute!!! 

All this color in one spot Makes my heart sing! 

And we do take it for granted that we can walk right up close and see them! 

These are the zebras (or refs, as we call them) who give the pilots instructions and tell them when they can fly! 

Oh, that FROG!!!! 

The Mounted Police were there with their gorgeous draft horses! 

It just got prettier and prettier! 
I'll be posting again soon with one more balloon report with our company from out of town!  Thanks for visiting!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's that time of year!!!

October in Albuquerque is well known to be one of the most wonderful times of the year!  It's not only the perfect climate and weather, but it is always time for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!  I love every single minute of this fiesta and try to go to the field to practice my photography as often as possible!  This first post will be about the first weekend Balloon Glow!  It was a very pretty night and we saw glorious colors come alive! 

I loved seeing all the people standing around watching this one inflate! 

Just as the sun was going down! 

I love the glow that the fire creates 

This one was so gorgeous! 

Several were burning at the same time! 

The Balloon Glow ends with fireworks and I caught my husband recording some of them on his phone!!  
I hope you will visit again soon and see my next report on all the gorgeous balloons!

Friday, September 30, 2016

My Blog Missed ME!

MY poor Blog!!!  I have neglected it so badly this month!  I think MY blog really missed me!!!  I am not sure where time goes, but my ability to keep all the balls in the air lately have been BAD!!! So -- those of you who visit -- please forgive my tardiness!  I know you all had a wonderful September and So did I!!  Today I am sharing a few pics I took over the weekend of a friend's grandkids.  These two are just adorable and whenever I can steal some time to take their pics, I love it!  They are growing up so fast!!
He is Always smiling!  

Follow the Leader

Noah loved my dryer!! 

Now that is determination on her face! 

Little Miss Sunshine Isabella

I loved this one! 

Auntie CoCo is the BEST! 

Jensen had fun playing with the kids, too! 

Sweet face! 

"Auntie CoCo, I want to swing" 

She really loved Sterling! 


And Stella got some attention, too! 

Go Auntie CoCo!

I pinky promised my blog NOT to be such a stranger!!!  Hope you won't either!!  Thanks for visiting!! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More BEACH fun!

My last blog post for today is about our Florida trip!  We loved the time we spent in Clearwater Beach!  There is so much beauty and I love capturing it with my camera! 

It's a classic! 

Little Beach treasures

Today we were at Sand Key! 
My favorite part of the Florida Beaches is that they are made of Shells!!!  
And Handfuls of shells in the water  

Randy found a Mama and Baby shell in the ocean! 
Mr. Sand Crab!! 

A wonderful bike ride on the beach

Had lots of fun in the waves 

Glorious Artwork in the Sky! 
Perfect end to the day

We had to head home!!!  That is never good, because who doesn't love vacation??? We had a wonderful time, though and look forward to it every year! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

The BEACH is my Happi-PLACE

Seriously, the BEACH is always my Happi-PLACE!  I am always in love with the colors, the relaxing sounds of the waves and the beauty of God's creation.  It was very fun to be at Honeymoon Island for Sunset!  

These clouds and the dark blue colors were gorgeous.  This is exactly how it looked after the sun went down! 

BEACH Hair --- Don't care! 
I love me some splash! 

I love those Cotton Candy Skies!

The next day, we were on another beach near Clearwater called Treasure Island and I really wanted pics of the seagulls.  We usually don't feed them, but we could not resist, as this was a pretty quiet beach that day.   I wanted to practice taking some pics of them and we had alot of fun when Randy pulled out the popcorn! 

Can you see the Popcorn in the air?? 
They are so pretty! 

Get in line, buddy!! 

When the word got out about the popcorn!!! 

Fun to see their wings and them float in the air

What gorgeous creatures!!! 
See you next time!!!