Friday, August 26, 2016

Next Stop: Savannah Georgia!

The next stop on our vacation was Savannah Georgia!  This was a town we have visited before, but really wanted to go back and see more!  It did not disappoint! We had read about Bonaventure Cemetery and thought it would be cool to see it!  It was amazing!!  Talk about a beautiful and scenic place.   Who would have thought we would be excited to visit a Cemetery????
It's a green and gorgeous place! 

Very cool headstone "The Lord Knoweth....."

All the stones were so ornate!  

We saw lots of fancy stones

I seemed to be attracted to the "Angels"  

I really wanted to bring home some wrought iron!! 

Super cute bench

This is my favorite stone of the day!! 

All the gorgeous trees!  

Some of the stones dated back to the early 1800s.

I loved this arch! 

Fun to see a very patriotic area of the cemetery! 

Inside the buildings were gorgeous stained glass! 

It was a really lush and gorgeous garden setting.  We had alot of fun walking thru it and seeing all the different stones and foliage!
I'd Highly recommend visiting Bonaventure if you are ever in Savannah!  More report on Savannah next time!!  Thanks for traveling along! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Next Stop..... A Beautiful Plantation

 Our next stop in Charleston was the Boone Hill Plantation!  We loved seeing this beautiful property and learning all about the history of the plantation!
This building is going to have to be refurbished! 

This long driveway was shaded by all these old trees!  Really gorgeous

And they are HUGE! 

The whole place had gorgeous gardens! 

And I enjoyed walking thru them 

So happy my Sweetheart is also a traveler and we get to visit these cool places together! 

The Slave houses had all these cool textures! 

The slave houses have great info inside and presented in a really nice way. 

some broken dishes from the slave houses made into a pretty piece of art

Friday, August 19, 2016

Charleston Here WE Come!

Today I am finally getting around to sharing my most recent vacation pics!  I am always a bit slow at getting thru my Many Many photos!!  This year after we took Jensen to her summer camp in the Dallas area, we flew to Charleston South Carolina to start our vacation! We wanted to do something different this year, and I can tell you it was an absolute delight!
Our very first thing was a carriage ride around Charleston!  The town is so architecturally stimulating and rich in history!  We loved learning about it!  They do not tear any buildings down because they are so historical, so they have to restore things- and wow, they go to alot of trouble to do it!  

Who doesn't love an antique store?? 

and a PINK Victorian house??

Fabulous doorways

This guy was a wonderful tour guide!

My hubby is always cooperative to pose!! 

I loved that the horse had blue eyes! 
We enjoyed some Ice cream! 
This was an old church called 5Church that had been converted in to a restaurant!

Another cool window! 

This church had beautiful windows also! 

And Flowers everywhere! 

That night, we went back to 5Church for dinner.  Here's the gorgeous restaurant inside and the food was exceptional!! 
The whole ceiling was handprinted with words from a famous book (sorry I can't remember which one). It was so cool!! 

My handsome date was reading the ceiling!!  I loved the church windows and all the decor inside!

Join me in a few days for the next day in Charleston!!  Thanks for traveling with me!  

Saturday, August 13, 2016

This will make you HUNGRY!

Now that I have completed the Story of my fabulous trip to A Year in the Making workshop, I have lots of other Summer stories to tell!  The summer was a great one, and I can't believe it is over!!  Time does fly when you are having fun!  I wanted to share some of the awesome Polymer clay things Jensen has been making.  This will make you HUNGRY!!
Jensen took an ONLINE class in Polymer clay from the Fantastic Marion Smith!!  It was chock full of great instruction and the food charms were so adorable!  Jen went to town making all kinds of yummy charms!! 

That hamburger!!!! 

Here she made lots of cool Paperclips!  

She has Eggs, waffles and Poptarts too! 

She had alot of fun making them into charms for necklaces too! 

Chocolate ice cream, anyone??? 

I hope We made you good and hungry!!!  They are seriously yummy!!