Thursday, November 15, 2018

Coffee Anyone????

My second trip in October was back to Iowa to help out my parents while my dad had surgery!  Our families are all back there, so I enjoy going back to visit.  My dad had a great outcome with his surgery, and we had a good week.  Thanks to all of you who prayed.  God is Good!

While in Iowa, I got to visit my husband's cousin Natalie who had recently opened her cute coffee shop called the Natural Grind Market and Cafe.  It's absolutely awesome and I highly recommend the coffee!  
The store is just adorable! 

That quote on the back wall is so Cool! 

Here, you can see how cool the ceiling is!  This is a very old building on Main street that has been fixed up and boy did it turn out amazing! 

Natalie had become a Brand New Grandma for the first time the week before I arrived, so she had to hang up a precious photo of her new grandson! 

Its an awesome place and If you are ever in the Area, YOU gotta get a Smores Latte!

Thanks for traveling along! 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Story Camp in Oregon

Here's the gang
 I had the wonderful Privilege to attend the Ali Edwards Story Camp on my trip to Oregon!  It was just amazing!  I am so thankful a friend invited me, and we met so many sweet and wonderful women!  Ali is such an inspirational teacher and I am now highly motivated to get busy telling my story again!  Sometimes I get way behind on scrapbooking and I needed this push to get back to it!
We shopped in such cute places! 

Beautiful leaves alll over the state!! 
Bonus meet Up with one of MY AYITM 2 Sisters, Lisa!!  So fun to get to meet her and visit!  

All about the Memories 

Camp swag

And of course the cutest cookies!! 

We learned so much from Ali!!!  She's amazing!  

Thankful Karen invited me to join in== this was awesome!! 

It was just a dream come true to get to attend this camp!!!  

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Next Up: Oregon!

October started out with a trip to Eugene Oregon with a friend to attend Ali Edwards Story Camp!  I had such a blast there and we even got a couple days to explore Oregon.  We started in Portland where we spent some time with our cameras at the International Rose Test Garden.  It was the perfect time to visit there and the roses were showing off their glorious colors and styles!   I have included several rose shots a little lower in the post.  We loved seeing the Oregon beauty~!  

Caught this guy running the tightrope!!  
This was a cute little church we came upon in Portland.  The doors were locked or I would have gone inside to capture that window you see inside the other one.  

We enjoyed a beautiful walk in a park and came upon this!  So intricate! 

Doesn't this just make you pause and breathe deep???? Peaceful

Gorgeous fall sights 

And here are some of those Roses I mentioned! 

The beautiful Rose Garden!! 

There were so many more like this in so many colors and shapes.  I have never seen anything like it!!!
More about our time in Oregon my next post!  I highly recommend visiting this garden if you get to Portland! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pensacola Finals

I am so happy that my sweet Husband got to go along to Florida with me to celebrate my birthday!  After the photo workshop, I took Randy back to Fort Pickens to see this amazing place!

Look at the architecture

and He's a great model for me too!V 

This place was magical!!  
 One other fun thing we did, was go to a bridge there in Pensacola beach that was a Grafitti bridge.
We were just on the edge of losing the sun, but here's a few shots of this cool place!  It is a bridge and railway where grafitti artists are allowed to spray paint!  I even found a little almost empty can of paint that someone had left there - and I added our initials!!!

 So much fun!  I can't wait to visit Pensacola again sometime!  It was such a wonderful place!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Still Going.........

 I am still sharing the photos from my Florida workshop, and I hope you readers are not getting too tired of it yet!  lol!  I loved all the great locations, wardrobes and teachers!  I have to keep sharing all this goodness!  We are getting close to done, but for now, I am showing you some from a family we took to the beach.

Super fun Couple AND a perfect sky!  

And of course, what is a trip to the beach without some shells????
Pensacola did not disappoint!  

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sunrise and Horses

 The Horse Farm we visted at our Photography Workshop was so beautiful at sunrise and we enjoyed the beautiful backgrounds we got to use.
Cutie Kate

This lovely young lady lives at the Horse farm and she even showed me her personal horse, Shorty after we were done. 

Sally had her sweet daugher with her for a model! 

Sweetness! a Girl and her horse! 
Their taxi --had to keep those white dresses white on the farm!!
Aren't these girls so cute???