Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ashland Oregon!

 After our Crater Lake adventure, we returned to Ashland Oregon.  This town was a place I had not ever visited until June of "16 when I came here for a retreat with my classmates from "A Year in the Making" class.  I loved this town and I knew in "16 that I needed to bring Randy back here in "17 for our summer vacation!  Here I am at a cool Mural downtown.
took a walk thru LITHIA PARK

This was our 34TH anniversary pic.  We really like this fountain at Lithia Park.

Enjoyed every minute with my Sweet heart
These sweet ladies blessed me by having dinner with me!  LIZ, who is on the left, moved to Ashland Last year right before our retreat and she was an amazing hostess to everyone- despite only living in her new home a week before we arrived.   KAREN, in the middle, is our FEARLESS leader= the originator of our class "A Year in the Making" .   She is another amazing lady who has taught me so much!  I loved spending an evening with them-- hadn't seen them since our retreat in "16.  
 After DINNER with the girls,  Randy met me and we attended a fantastic play in an old church.
Stained glass windows all over the church that had been turned into a theater.  

This church had 2 levels and it served dinner and then had a Play.  The Play was called "The Drowsy Chaperone" and it was beyond HILARIOUS!!!  Randy and I both agreed that we had not ever heard of it, and yet, it had to be the funniest play we had seen in a long long time.  We are still talking about it! 

We had balcony seats and could see the stage really well. 

Just a few more pics from the Park and that fantastic fountain! 

We got this close!!!  

Those of you who have been to Ashland Oregon know how fun it is and how beautiful that whole state is.   I loved going back this year!
Come along on the next phase of the journey soon!  Thanks for traveling along! 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


This vacation continued with a little drive to our next point  of beauty!  We wanted to spend some time at Crater Lake!  I had been there the year before with a friend and it was breathtaking!!  I knew Randy would love it-- so off we went!  We enjoyed a gorgeous day there!!

This was an amazing place to play with our cameras! 
 Crater Lake has so many different angles!!  They are all gorgeous!
Yes, that is SNOW in JULY 

These types of Texture always interest me!  

MY BEST adventure EVER!!!  (him)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

More Summer Travels!

Today i am continuing along on our Summer trip thru Oregon!  Today, we are visiting Seaside OR and a fun restaurant called Camp 18!   It was an old logging camp and we had a delicious meal and toured the grounds.

My hubby asked me to pose! 

They had some really cool old train cars! 

His turn to POSE

We loved the names on this old rusty truck.  It has both Randy's parents names on it.  

Practicing my Senior Pic poses! 

I'll continue this story in a few days!  thanks for joining in!! 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cannon Beach was NEXT!

After the beauty at the Rose Garden in Portland, we hit the road and drove to the Coast where we visited Cannon Beach!  I had heard all about how beautiful the Oregon Coast was, but I was totally WOWED!  It is amazing!  The Cannon beach town with it's charm and gorgeous nature was just amazing! 

Morning time at Cannon Beach at Haystack Rock!  

Had a wonderful time exploring! 

Beautiful evenings!! 

Very pretty time we had on the beach! 

The most beautiful little vacation town, and the surrounding area was all new to us, so we really enjoyed finding all the best sightseeing!
The flowers around town were so gorgeous!  Cannon Beach is a picture perfect little place! 

WE really enjoyed the quaint little shops and all the gorgeous nature and GREEN around us! 

We did a little Antiquing in Astoria!  
Add caption
WE also crossed the border into Washington State and found this lovely little Chapel!  
Look at those colors! 

Friday, September 22, 2017

What is the HOLD UP??


The HOLD UP I am talking about in my title, is the LONG LONG time it took me to edit and sort thru all my pics of ROSES!!
Let me explain!  I am way behind in my blogging, like I say every single time I add a blog post, and now we are finally moving on to our JULY vacation to the Pacific Northwest!  Randy and I have a yearly trip that we have taken ever since we got married 34 years ago and this year, we decided to pass up the BEACH in Florida to see the Pacific Northwest.  
The day we arrived in Portland, we had enough time to visit the International Rose Test Garden.   I love our flower garden at home, and to see this amazing Rose garden was a wonderful way to start out our trip!  The above photo was NOT at all a good photo of the LIST of all the roses in this huge garden, but because of the lighting being very reflective on the plastic cover on top of the list, this is the best I could do.  Do you see the little words below the diagram??? That is the list!  The varieties there were amazing! 

Sometimes I need to Pose!  

Not sure which ones were my favorite-- but there were many I loved!

The colors! 

I told my hubby I needed that arch in my backyard! 

These are just Magnificent! 

I highly recommend visiting this Garden if you are ever in Portland!!
You will feel like you are in a heavenly dreamland!

Next stop on our trip:  Cannon Beach Oregon!  Come back in a few days and I'll tell you all about it!!