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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July is almost Gone!

Wow, folks, the month is almost over again!  I have been very neglectful of my blog this month!  We have been out of town for 2 weeks and when I am on vacation, I am not good at blogging, so I have lots to catch you up on!  Today I am sharing some vacation pics- and this will be the first of a few posts, because I took a Boatload of photos!  They are too fun not to share them!  This post is about the beginning of our vacation where we visited our family in Iowa for a few days.  Since we were heading to Florida, heading east anyway, we wanted to see our parents and extended family!  
Iowa is so green and has tons of flowers!!! 

These were beautiful flowers at my In-laws house!  

This is Randy and his mom and uncle Norm!  We had a lovely visit at Norm's house! 

And this is Randy with his mom and her sister, Aunt LaVonne!  It was so fun to see her, too!
This sunset was amazing-- and we took this at the church where Randy grew up! 
Another highlight was visiting our Nephew, Ben who is a Tanner-- he owns his own Tannery and it is so fun to tour and see all his work!

We enjoyed visiting Uncle Mel, too,  He's my Dad's brother! (dad on the left)

We took long walks around town and played at the old playground!   

Slept on an old quilt made lovingly by my Mom and Grandma.  I love all the bright colors! 

Can you see the steam rising off that amazing Sweet Corn??? 

Mom and Dad enjoy hanging out on their back porch! 
It's a wonderful and relaxing place! 

I made this little collage of our visit to my Aunt Alida and Uncle Harm's house!  We loved seeing my cousins Maurita and Jodi and their Husbands, Patrick and Scott.  Baby Grant has grown so fast. He's Jodi and Scott's baby boy and almost turning a year old!  We even got to see Maurita and Patrick's daughter Madison by iPad, but her sister, Morgan was gone on a mission trip.
It was a wonderful time in Iowa and next I'll be sharing about our next stop-- Orlando!  Thanks for traveling with me!! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Random Pics and Ramblings

How was your 4th of JULY?? I am still in denial that July is already here!!  I played around with some fireworks, and I also played with a Macro lens on my camera, so I thought I'd share some of my photos from yesterday.  
These firework photos would be a lot better if my hubby had been home to help with them, so look for those to show up in a couple days when we can do them again!   These are the fun ones I got! 
Thought this was crazy cool!  

my blurry star-- came out fun! 

All the sparkles in the dark!  We will do some sparkler writing this week when my assistant is not working! 
                                                NOW FOR THE BUGS!! 
These guys were sunning in my garden today- and I practiced with my macro lens! 

Aren't they cute??? 

They were thinking I could not see them! 

Here's my favorite!

Thanks for your visit- leave me some comments and please come by anytime!!  

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wonderful Weekend Wedding!

Weddings are my favorite!  Mostly because of CAKE!  lol!  This weekend, we were so excited to attend the wedding of our oldest daughter's best friend!  These 2 girls met in Kindergarten, and have been besties since then!  They were together through out school, and even went to the same college.  They did not room together their freshman year, but they did live together for 2 of their college years.  They traveled together as they studied abroad in Uruguay!  So many fantastic memories for them and now we have wedding memories.  
Kendyl is like another daughter to us, so we were so happy for her to find her dream guy, Ben and this weekend, they tied the knot!  It was a fabulous celebration and I did get some photos!  I have a combo of phone pics and DSLR.  I will say that I did not get wonderful photos, because I did not try very hard, but here are a few of my favorites! 

very fun table decor! 
This was her cake and they had hundreds of cupcakes!  YUMMM!

This is my oldest daughter who was the Matron of Honor!  pictured with her daddy!

super sweet

The bride's parents coming to the reception

Daddy/daughter dance! It looks like she has green hair, but it was a light above the dance floor!! 

Conga line-- going all over!!
Congratulations to the bride and groom!!  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunset and Bubbles????

What do Sunset and Bubbles have in common, you ask?? Well, it all just happened one evening when Jensen was doing a photography experiment with bubbles.  She finds all kinds of cool ideas for photos on Pinterest, so she set up her tripod and was taking pics of bubbles!  Of course, I had to get my camera out, too!

I loved this bubble shot and with the busy background, I loved it more in Black and White! 

Here's where the Sunset comes in.  It got more fun as it got dark! 

Here'e another one I loved

The glow on the bubbles is so fun! 

The sky was getting better and better as we played.

We've been having some amazing sunsets lately here in New Mexico! 

This is where we put away the bubbles and just enjoyed the sky!!

Thanks for visiting!  

Monday, June 15, 2015


This weekend I had such a fun privilege to attend a BARN wedding in TEXAS!  I have shared before about Milagro Farms, a Bed and Breakfast and Wedding venue owned by my friends Laurie and Steve.  I have traveled there a few times last year, and they spoiled me/us rotten!  I was so happy to be invited to their Daughter, Mesa's wedding to Graham this past weekend!  I loved every minute and they had such a beautiful wedding!  I took some pics- none of them are spectacular, because I was too busy having fun to concentrate, but I wanted to share a few- even though they are not my best work!  You will see this wonderful venue!! AND the wonderful folks who own it doing what they do best!!
YES!  this happened!  Rainy right before the ceremony-- but no one was bothered, because they have an amazing barn for shelter and it worked beautifully!  

While waiting for the rain to pass, I caught this photo of the awesome cake!!  When we ate it later on-- it was lemon pound cake with raspberry filling-- divine!

Here's Laurie, the Mother of the Bride, an amazing friend to me, the bed and breakfast owner, the caterer and the Wedding venue owner!  She has many hats and juggled them all in a fantastic way!! 

After the rain, it became the most amazing evening-- perfect lighting and the ceremony was outside!!  I did not shoot during the ceremony!  It was so pretty!

This lovely bride is now Mrs. Graham Delano!  What a gorgeous bride and a couple of her bridesmaids!   I loved the bouquets!!! 

Mr. and Mrs.!  

The evening was wonderful after the rain!b 

This lovely young lady is also a friend of mine- and the best friend of the bride!  She did such a great toast! 

This pic is very random and I love it because the 3 generations of ladies dancing-- the bride, her mom and her grandma!! 

Really beautiful setting and flowers!

And a little dancing!!!
It was such a wonderful time!!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!!