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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Baby Bunnies are HERE

This is the Story of 2 Holland Lops named Sterling and Stella!  These two are the brand new parents of 6 little bun bunz!!  Here is Sterling visiting Stella about 10 days after she gave birth to her little brood of babies.

This was the first pics we got of the babies and they were 3 days old.  
Tiny little baby without much hair!  3 days is the first time we held one.  

this is at 5 days old
Here they are at about 7 days old!  Getting their fur! We call these the Triplets because they look alot alike! 

Today we are 10 days old and we got a line-up pic!  We are kinda squirmy!  

We hope these bunnies have their daddy's personality.  Their Mom is a very sweet bunny, but this guy is downright social!  He loves when we hold him and he is very sweet and cuddly!

Thanks for coming by to see our babies!  Believe me, you will be seeing alot more of them- we look forward to when they are all fluffy and hoppy!!  Come back soon!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easter 2015

In All my excitement to post about my PINK TREE photos, I totally skipped over my EASTER pics.  I was looking thru photos tonight and realized this error so here it is!  Easter Sunday was a fun blessed day since we got to see all the kids and be together as a family.  We had a beauty of a day and since Ross was home from College, we had him take some pics for us too!  (That is always a treat since I am usually taking the photos).
Jensen got Sterling to play Easter bunny much better than Stella did
Jocelyn and Christian even brought over our Grandbunny, Baxter!  

Thanks Ross for this fun shot! 

I decided to play Cinderella!  My Prince found my shoe that fit PERFECTLY!! 

Our mama Dove has some eggs for Easter too! 
This was fun for the 3 kids and their 3 Easter bunnies!
For those of you who don't know-- Jocelyn is 23, Ross is 21 and Jen will be turning 16 very soon!  Where does the time go??? 
You know I love to shoot flower photos!

This poppy Center was so cool!

The Bank Roses are in full bloom right now and they are so stunning!

Some more beauties

Playing with a Macro lense-- thought this flower was amazing!
Thanks for coming to visit and I hope your Easter Day was filled with love and family and that you celebrated the Risen Savior!  God Bless!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Love me some PINK

This post is brought to you by the color PINK!  Spring has brought the most gorgeous colors alive- and it is so fun to watch everything FLOWER and BLOOM!  I took a little walk down the street to the park and LOVED catching the Bees buzzing doing their little jobs!  Enjoy this breath of Spring - and thanks for stopping by!

see Mr. BEE?? 

Brookie was enjoying the Park, too and If she knew I was taking her pic, she would have smiled!! 

delicate little details

Oh-- couldn't miss this lovely added into the pink pics!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter Friends!

Happy EASTER wishes to you!  I am just amazed it is already Easter and the days have flown by again.  I have been a very bad blogger- but for good reasons, I promise!  We've been on Spring break these last 2 weeks and have traveled and gotten alot done at home!!
Thought I'd share a recap of all the fun we had on our Spring break trip to Phoenix.  Randy had a medical meeting there, so Jensen and I tagged along and we got to see several friends and do a ton of things we love to do in Phoenix! Warning:  there were so many good pix, I could hardly narrow them down--thus:  a few collages!  These events are in random order!
We visited my friend Lyn's booth at an old Horse Stable in Tucson!  She and her husband make adorable Teapot Lamps! and sell lots of other darling tea-related gifts! 
The chandelier-- super adorable
Here's Lyn with one of her sweet lamps!  

The sun streaming thru Lyn's aprons-- they were so adorable on the clothesline@

We loved staying with Lyn and Bob and Lyn played for us- she is a great Pianist! 

Lovely Lunch with these friends!  It was such a treat to have this special time with them.
Here's Peggy with her little cutie, Gemma!  Peggy and her husband Ric were such awesome hosts too!!  We had a wonderful time with them at their house! 

Great friends, Debbie and Al with their darling dogs!  We didn't get a photo of their Roxy, the Wheaton, but Bailey and Riley were happy to pose! 

We had  blast at the Phoenix Zoo!  The funniest pix were of the baby Orangutan!!! 
Wonderful Spa day with Jen and Debbie

Randy and I loved all the flowers at the Zoo, too!! 
Beautiful place for a photo in Glendale

We HAD to have Waffle LOVE waffles!!  Really fun!!  #foodtrucklove

The pool and the sunshine were heavenly

Vintage shopping in Phoenix is amazing-- this is only one of the many we visited! 
Took a wonderful trip thru the National park in Tucson and enjoyed the cactus and flowers! 
Really beautiful this time of year!

Thanks for stopping by!!  I have tons of fun trying to photograph God's beauty!! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's a Process

A brand New Process began last night!  Some of you know I have a therapy Dog, a golden doodle named Brooklyn.  She is such a gem and such a relaxed and awesome friend!  We also have a Mini-goldendoodle and her name is Piper!  You probably have seen her adorable face here on the blog- but Piper is not at all relaxed!  We all know, just like our children are all different, so are the pets.  We love it that Piper is very smart, loves to learn, and that she keeps learning.  We have decided she needs more to learn.  So-- a few weeks ago I looked into a new hobby for Piper.  We think she will be a great Agility Dog. Jensen is very good at training her, so we think they will make a good team.   HOWever, before we can start Agility Classes, we need a pre-requisite class, NOVICE training.
Last night, we started this process!
It's kinda like the first day of school where you meet all your classmates.  There were so many breeds!!  

She looks like she is not paying attention already!!!  At least she is smiling

Then there was this part of the class.  

A few cute classmates

 We will keep you posted on whether she graduates!!  Thanks for stopping by!!