Monday, July 16, 2018

Touring DC

Sharing my Washington DC photos today!  A couple weeks ago, we had the privilege of getting invited to attend a very special event in Washington DC.  The highlight of the trip was getting to visit the NEW Museum of the Bible!  I will share more about it in another post, but today, I am going to start out with our first couple days of touring in DC.  Capitol Hill was so stunning! It was my first time to visit our nation's capital, and it did not disappoint.
My best Travel buddy! He always agrees to model for my photos! 

See that little group of people up on the balcony??? 

This photo was from our visit to the Botanical Garden!  It was full of gorgeous plants and flowers

This was from the Holocaust Museum! 

Very quiet out on the Mall when we were there.  It was a rainy day, so that might be why

This was my favorite!  

We took a fun tour of the monuments on a Segway!  Very fun! 

There were many wreaths from lots of countries at the Korean War memorial.  I loved the "Freedom is not Free" ribbon on each one. 

We watched the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington! 

I'll give you a report on the Museum of the Bible very soon, but for now, thank YOU for stopping by to travel along! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A little Staycation!

 When we need a Staycation, we always choose to go stay at a local Lavendar Farm!  It is such a quaint and fantastic place to visit, and relax.  We celebrated Father's day there, and we were so spoiled!  Fantastic food, and sights to see!
So glad he is my kids' DAD! 

Los Poblanos is a Lavender farm in the Village of Los Ranchos.  It has so many pretty places to hang out! 

All the details

They have a beautiful Pool area

We enjoy all the gorgeous plants and flowers! 

Aren't these pretty??? I'd love to grow these in my garden! 

If you get a chance to go stay at Los Poblanos, please do!  They will spoil you rotten!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

She is a Swimmer!

This summer, we have been having lots of fun letting Elliette play in the little Baby pool we have for our dogs!  (after it gets cleaned first!)  She is totally into playing in the water and it is so fun to watch her!  This girl is fearless!!! 

I have done this many times!!!  #tipover

And she already blows bubbles!  She gets on her hands and knees and puts her face in the water!  She is definitely NOT scared of the water!! 

I love it that she got totally wet and had such fun with Opa splashing!! 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Chasing Dragonflies

 This week, we needed a little relaxing time, so we ventured to a place in town called Tingley Beach. It is a beautiful walking area down by the river, and it has a few ponds, too.  We enjoyed the gorgeous evening and we took our cameras to capture the dragonflies!
The shine in the wings is gorgeous!

And Mama Duck was there too! 

I shared pics of these babies on the blog a few weeks ago, and MY have they grown!!! 

These dragonflies were pretty big, too! 

See me????

And I thought this guy was really pretty too!!
Thanks for visiting today!!! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

This place is just Gorgeous

We are very lucky to have a Wonderful Zoo and BioPark here in Albuquerque!  I took a day last month while my husband was out of town to go spend some time walking around it and enjoying all the improvements they have made. It was so fun to see some new areas and places they have opened up that I have never gotten to see before!  I did not visit the Zoo this time, but the Bio Park is full of gorgeous flowers!
These are 2 of my favorites! 

This is part of the Japanese gardens

Fantastic peonies

upclose and personal with the dragonflies! 

I have never seen these before-- but wow= they were amazing! 

The whole place is just lovely!  I am so happy I took a day to go visit and take in the beauty!  It did my soul some good!!!