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Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's a Process

A brand New Process began last night!  Some of you know I have a therapy Dog, a golden doodle named Brooklyn.  She is such a gem and such a relaxed and awesome friend!  We also have a Mini-goldendoodle and her name is Piper!  You probably have seen her adorable face here on the blog- but Piper is not at all relaxed!  We all know, just like our children are all different, so are the pets.  We love it that Piper is very smart, loves to learn, and that she keeps learning.  We have decided she needs more to learn.  So-- a few weeks ago I looked into a new hobby for Piper.  We think she will be a great Agility Dog. Jensen is very good at training her, so we think they will make a good team.   HOWever, before we can start Agility Classes, we need a pre-requisite class, NOVICE training.
Last night, we started this process!
It's kinda like the first day of school where you meet all your classmates.  There were so many breeds!!  

She looks like she is not paying attention already!!!  At least she is smiling

Then there was this part of the class.  

A few cute classmates

 We will keep you posted on whether she graduates!!  Thanks for stopping by!! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring has Sprung!!

 It's all about flowers these days!!  Spring has made me obsessed with the blossoms and the Pretty colors popping on the trees.   I hate the runny nose, but the Beauty of the new and fresh season makes up for the kleenex I go thru.  I bought these pretty tulips and roses at Trader Joe's and it smells heavenly with the freesia thrown in.  It takes me back to the days of working at a flower shop.. I had my very first job in high school working at a floral shop and I have loved fresh flowers ever since!
Had to throw in this cute picture of our Buck, Sterling.  He loves to be in the flower beds and this looks like he is trying to hide a bit-- although we can see all of him!!! LOL

So pretty- the pink trees are all popping! 

And the sky is a dark blue today-- gorgeous photo of contrast! 

Playing a little with the Macro

This one even has a busy little BEE!
Thank you for stopping by to visit- and come back again soon.  I hope to be a better blogger- but I am kind of worried about how beautiful it is outside- I may not be wanting to sit inside at the computer!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Too pretty not to share

I just picked up the mail and Had to share my MIXBOOK photobook that I just received!  I love their site, they always produce such a top quality book and it is super easy to make a very pretty and decorated memory album.  I just had to show my San Diego trip album!!  Please enjoy!!  It tells the story of our awesome trip!!
Mixbook - Create stunning photo books, cards and calendars! | Design your own Photo Book with Mixbook's easy online editor.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Trip NO.3

The travel adventures continue here on the blog!  We have been very blessed to get to travel several times already this year.  This time, we took my in-laws along to San Diego to visit Ross!  We all had a wonderful time and he was an awesome tour guide!  I will share some of the highlights and it will take a few posts to get all the photos shared that I want to share.
Our first day in Cali this time was a Disney DAY!!  Lunch at Flo's V8 was our favorite!  California Adventures was really fun! 

These two had lots of laughs!  I loved the Pink Trees that were saying "Spring is here!" 

The Parades are always so fun and colorful-- I especially loved the Xylophone pants on Goofy! 


Alot of fun colors to photograph!! 

We had dinner with some new friends! Ross has been friends with this family which he calls his "California Family" and we loved meeting them and getting to know them better!!  Thanks for spoiling our boy!! 

Nikki has been such a blessing to Ross- she is just an amazing young woman!! 

Crazy kids

I loved this photo of them!!! 

After our Disney Day, we were back in San Diego and we took Randy's parents to the Cabrillo National Monument which is super close to Ross' college.  It was a gorgeous day and the ocean was so pretty!  They were really enjoying the warm weather!! 

The lighthouse at Cabrillo

YOU never know where you are going to find LOVE!!! 

The waves were crashing! 

There were fields of Yellow flowers everywhere!  Such a gorgeous backdrop for my little model!!

Thanks for visiting and come back in a few days to read more about our California Adventures!! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Trips

February was a busy travel month for Randy and I!  I just shared the rest of the cruise photos, and now I want to share a few from our Florida trip the first week of FEB!  I tagged along with Randy on a little business trip he took and of course, we managed to add a Disney Day as an extra bonus!  I can't go to Orlando without stopping by the Happiest Place on Earth!

Instead of putting captions on the slideshow- I will give a little synopsis!
We started the Day in Animal Kingdom and enjoyed a Safari in Africa and then saw a bird show in Asia.  The Next stop was lunch at Hollywood Studios and we checked out some of our favorite shops.  Then we moved to the Magic Kingdom for the Afternoon Parade and stayed the evening  there until Fireworks!  It was an awesome day!  Not too shabby just a one day visit!  We enjoyed every minute!!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will visit again soon!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Port Report

Where does time go??? I must be getting older-- It flies by and here it is another week gone by!  I hope you had a love-filled and blessed Valentines day!  It is always a special day for us, since my maiden name is Valentine-- so for sure we celebrate Big!!  It's a wonderful and special holiday-- aimed at celebrating love and kindness!
Today I wanted to share some more photos from last months Cruise- and today is all about the Port of Call in Nassau = the Bahamas!  Atlantis is our very favorite and here are some of the many awesome pics I got!  
the gulls really fascinate me!  They are always entertaining!  

Yes, this view from my seat is so Awesome!! 

Anyone for the Lazy River??? 

More gulls--- this time bathing in the fountain

Cool Wings

It's a beautiful paradise

Pretty reflections

I love it that we both love photography and we enjoy shooting pics on our vacations

Pardon me for the Overload of jellyfish pics-- they are just amazing and gorgeous!  Had to share my favorites!! 

The colors--- amazing

The Atlantis Dig is such a fun place to visit - all the sea life is so interesting!  The beaches there are awesome-- it is certainly one of my very favorite places to visit!!!
Thanks for coming by today and stop by again soon!!  God Bless! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cruise Report: Bands First

It's been 3 weeks since we got back from our KLOVE Cruise, and I have Finally gone thru all the photos and remembered to blog!!  This post will be about the Bands on the boat-- just a few of them!  So much fun to be sailing with Christians all interested in the same music and to be able to enjoy concerts every night from the most amazing artists that we hear every day on KLOVE!  Here's some of the favorite shots!
For KING and Country -- such amazing drummers and musicians

Building 429 was on the Boat!! 

Upclose and personal photo of Colton Dixon

Casting Crowns are always a favorite! 

Sanctus Real Concert out under the stars while sailing the sea!

Plumb was awesome

The Newsboys are another favorite-- they have so many awesome hits!

There were several more artists, but my photos of them were not the best, so I decided to not include them.  Mandisa was there and also Christ August and Lysa Terkeurst of Proverbs 31 was a guest speaker!  It was such a treat to be on this boat!!