Sunday, July 16, 2017

Telling about Tennessee!

 Last month, I had the biggest blessing to travel to the Smokey mountains in Tennessee to Join some of my AYITM sisters for a reunion!  My "A Year in the Making" sisters who had taken a class with me from June 2015 to June 2016 (online) were gathering for a reunion at a cabin in the mountains and even though all 65 of us couldn't come, we did have a wonderful turnout with 25!  This view was so breathtaking!!!

This beautiful cabin was so comfortable!  It slept 56 people!!!  Since we had only 25, it was very spacious and had every amenity you could want including 2 hot tubs and a pool table and foozball.   This was our room on the 2nd floor!  My roomie was Jane!!  

Here's Alison setting up her shot against Dana!  
This is Kari from Florida and Tara from Australia getting some snacks!  In the background, you can see the Chef that fed us amazing meals all weekend!  The planning committee did an awesome job of every detail of our reunion. 
 The class we took online was taught by Karen who is a fantastic photographer.  That is the reason most of us were in her class -- because we had taken her photography workshop years before this class.   BUT "A Year in the Making" was a class that had so much more than just learning photography!  Believe me when I say It is hard to explain-- but this class will have a lasting impact on my life -- and one of the big things is that I gained 64 new friends!  These lovely ladies are forever in my sisterhood!  We have done and been thru alot with each other!
This is Dana!!! 

Crystal and I were taking photos of the gorgeous mountains from our upstairs balcony! 
My Sweet Friend Angie from Georgia!   

Dinner was all set up for us!  We had delicious meals every single day!
Saturday was the day that we all started to arrive at the cabin!  The first night, the committee planned a "Superhero party" and we had such a fun night getting caught up with one another and of course taking pics!!

Here's a couple more SuperHeroes  - Stephanie and Kellie

We had a wonderful party and then this Happened the next morning!!! 

 We took a hike in the mountains --headed for a gorgeous waterfall!  It was so much fun!
There's Crystal!
Stephanie and Tara! 

This is Anna!!  

You could even hike under the falls!  Photo Opp Happening! 

None of us went swimming,   but.....

Vicky was having fun walking thru the water and staying ON the Rocks!  
 This is the Hiking gang-- (not all of the people at the reunion) but we had a beautiful day and it was fun to get to chat as we walked along in the gorgeous surroundings!  Remember, I come from the dry, brown Southwest!  This was so green and lush-- a very fun adventure!
I'll be telling more of the Reunion story in days to come, so stop by again soon!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

She's a Beauty!

 As you can see, she's a Beauty!  Not only on the outside-- but she's got a gorgeous heart!

From my last adventure, here's some favorite shots of my friend Kari from Florida!  She is an awesome photographer and we took a little time to go shoot some pics for about an hour on my trip to Tennessee!  

This was at our Cabin, and we were discovering all the gorgeous views!  

We found this adorable restaurant after hours and I loved the porch and the flags to remember it was almost the 4th of July!   Thanks Kari, for spending the time with me and being such a great Model!!  

Saturday, July 8, 2017


I have been out of town and MIA here, but today I am trying to play catch up!  I'll have to save my latest adventure for another post, but I HAD to share this story from Father's Day!  I am always looking for some memorable things to do to honor my sweet husband who is the BEST DAD ever!  I love to surprise him and this year I think I did a fab job (if I do say so myself).  
I began looking on the internet for some ideas and I came up with the perfect thing for MY husband!!! I found "Lunch with a Llama" !
Here's the Dad of the Day and I'm thrilled when Jensen can capture a photo of us together! 

This trip was to Taos NM and we explored the town the day before our Llama lunch 

Exploring the pretty places in Taos 

AND checking the map, too! 
And then, on Father's Day, we arrived at the campsite at the mountains and met up with Stuart who owns Wild Earth Adventures.  He is all about the Llamas and he has rescued them and turned them into trekkers.  He brought 8 Llamas for our hike that day!  We learned alot about them!

I think this was Pichu

Jensen's buddy was LO-Key.  The name fit him-- he was super gentle and easy to walk. 

Isn't he a cutie?? 

He's a part of the family now!!  lol 

The Llamas carried packs full of food for our lunch and chairs and water etc.  They even had to cross the stream about 5 times that day!  We hiked 5 miles into the mountains and saw gorgeous scenery.  It was delightful!  It was an amazing day! 

Their faces are hilarious.  This photo is a bit bright, but it was too cute!

I'd highly recommend trekking with Llamas if you ever have a chance!  It was a wonderful day and we loved celebrating Father's day this way!  OUR DAD loved it!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We are Always up for Adventure

 Well, every once in a while, we decide to go on a little adventure!  Just to see some new places and of course take some photos!   These are the result of one of those days and this time we went to a little place north of us called Madrid.  This little town has several boutiques and a Photo park (above) and some galleries and restaurants.  It is a good little diversion, and Jen and I had a fun time!

I am in love with their quirky mailboxes! 

And then you find Hearts in awesome places! 

Jen knows I like a chippy door and she is always a good model! 

The cactus are blooming all over the place now that summer is here

And we might have been the only ones buying ice cream!  

A great idea on a hot day! 
AND lets  not forget the sprinkles!
Thanks for coming along and please come back to see our next adventure soon! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Enjoying the Summer

I am such a summer girl!  I love the warm weather, the sunshine and the more relaxed schedule that it brings with it.  Today I am sharing some photos I took on one of our morning walks at the nearby
open space.   We took our little grand dog Poppy the Puppy along!
Gorgeous weather for a walk at the Rio

She loved going for a walk! 

Pretty cool! 

Captured some butterflies- but believe me, it was hard because these guys were flitting everywhere! 

Accidental magic! 

Jen was trying to capture some too! 

Piper always loves to go along, too! 

I just love these beauties!

Thank you for coming to visit us!  I hope your summer is going along beautifully!