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Friday, November 20, 2015

Glorious day for the Mountains!

A couple Sundays ago, we made a little trek to the Sandias!  It was perfect weather and we enjoyed a beautiful hike!  We got Jocelyn to bring sweet little Poppy the Puppy along and we took our Piper, so the dogs had a great adventure as well!  The scenery was gorgeous, and it still had lots of changing to do, so I bet it is even prettier now!  Fall is my very very favorite!
Poppy the Puppy is getting BIG!! 

Loved this gorgeous day! 

Dad and his girlies! 

so fun to have Jocy and Poppy come along on the hike

She is such a little cutie!! 

The fall colors were amazing

This is a Daddy's girl! 

Jensen was getting a macro shot on her very old but wonderful camera!!  It is like a dinosaur-- but she loves it and can take amazing shots with that macro. 

Now, who can resist this darling little face????
Poppy the Puppy is 5 months old now!!
Thanks for visiting the blog today!!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!  I am traveling, so expect to see a Thanksgiving report from San Diego when I get home!!  

Friday, November 13, 2015


Not sure how we got this far into November without me posting about all of October!!  It was such a fun and busy time, so I guess I have been a BAD Blogger!!  Today, I want to share my photos of the Matthew West/ Francesca Batistelli concert from a few weeks ago!!  Anyone who knows me knows I love Christian Music and Matthew West is my very Favorite!!!  I've been a huge fan for a long time so when we heard they were coming to town to do a concert, I was on top of getting the tickets.  We even got to do a Pre-show Meet up with him!  It was so personal and wonderful- and he sang lots of fun songs for us!!  Francesca has so many of my favorite songs, too, so this was a double bonus!!  The concert was amazing!!  Such a fantastic night of worship!!
Francesca has such fabulous songs!! 
This is during the Pre=show time with Matthew.  He was talking about writing his lyrics!  His songs are so meaningful and memorable! 

Concert time

More == one of my favorite songs! 

I loved the stage, and all the lights!!  The crowd was really into his worship that night!!  So much fun!! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October, I wasn't quite Done!!

I'd say October is always such a favorite month, but this last one was so packed with activity that I did not get to post all the fun things we did!  Today I am sharing our little fast trip to the Pumpkin Patch!  We love to visit one called "Galloping Grace" and they put on an amazing fun Patch with lots and lots of pumpkins and activities!  Jensen and I made a quick trip out to get pumpkins and we wished we had more time to spend there.  So many cute and fun games for the kids.   I got a few pics of our visit!
Okay!!  Who knew you could make so many cute things with Hay Bales???? 

That Barn-- another example of awesome! 

We had lots of pumpkins to choose from! 

A super nice guy selling shaved Ice!  Of course, Jensen had to enjoy some!!! 

Mixing her concoction!

Galloping Grace, we had a lovely time and thanks for all the gorgeous pumpkins!!  

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Our Annual Halloween Photos

 Once the kids grow up, You resort to getting costume photos of the dogs!!  We always enjoy getting costumes on clearance and saving them for the next year.  These girls are also getting older and this year, they were so well behaved!!  All it took was a bag of treats and they were super cooperative!!
Brooklyn is a butterfly this year, Piper is a Hot Dog and Pansy is the cutest little Loofa sponge you ever did see! 

These two listen well to the command of STAY!  Sadly, 14 year old Pansy is not so obliging.
I'm telling you, this dog will let us do anything to her!!  She is an angel!!  

Kind of reminds me of Harry Potter! 

She makes us laugh all the time!!!  This girl has always been comic relief here and she is such a character.  Shih-Tzus are such darling dogs!!  Pansy is our little old grandma!!  Still going strong at 14!

Hope your Halloween was a fun and safe one!!  No one here got any candy, but they loved the dog treats- so I guess it felt like they did trick or treat!! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fredericksburg FUN!!

Ever since I visited Fredericksburg, Texas a few years ago, I have wanted to go back.  So when I was headed to San Antonio for a conference a couple weeks ago, I knew I was going to add a day to play in Fredericksburg.  Jensen was on fall break, and my friend, Debbie was off work, so we all enjoyed this little town so full of charm!  It was so much fun!!  As great as I remember!
This store was called SMITTEN-- and we definitely were!!!!  

Fall fun! 

This was such gorgeous Ironwork! 

Such wonderful shops and restaurants here! 

We took an afternoon break and enjoyed this bath time in the fountain! 

One of the cutest Stores, called Timeless Menagerie had this adorable window!!

Thank you for touring Fredericksburg with me!!  Come back soon to see all about San Antonio and our adventures there!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gotta Love all that Color

 Every year here in Albuquerque, we look very forward to the Balloon Fiesta!  We enjoy 2 weekends of  balloons filling the skies!  This year, we were only in town for the first weekend, so we drove to a spot near our home where lots of people watch.  We did not go to the field this year, but I think it was an amazing year for weather and the balloons flew almost all the time!  It's a sight to behold!!!   I am very late in posting these, but had to share all the lovely color!
First morning shots 

Colors and shapes galore

This year we were not able to go to the field for Balloon Fiesta, but we got to be up close to the ones landing in a cemetery near us.  We love all the color, and it's great to be able to get up close and take photos.
Later on the Sun came out and we were in a cemetery right where they were landing.  It was beautiful

Chase Crews on the way to the landing site

One is just as gorgeous as the next! 

I loved this little PINK BUS!  

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Puppy Business

 Who doesn't love a PUPPY???  We have been enjoying our little Grand-dog, Poppy!  She is full of energy and loves to visit our house so she can run and Terrorize our dogs!  lol!
Who can resist?? 

Jensen played Bubbles with her!  So cute (and funny)

She even checked out this one on the lawn!! 

 That sweet face only sits still for a little while!!
Thanks for stopping by and I am sure you will be seeing more of this adorable face here on the blog!