Monday, May 21, 2018

Last one, I promise!!

Well, I promised ONE more post about my San Diego trip and this report would not be complete without some beach and seagulls!  I am always in such a happy place when I can be at the beach and watching the interactions of the gulls.  I am happy I got to go to the beach at Coronado Island and I got to be there with pretty skies and some great sun!  It was COLD, though!!!!
He let me get up close and personal! 


They are so busy!  

The combination of water, sky and wings is just beautiful

And the sunset did not disappoint!  We had lots of fun

This one was captured on a different day-- and it was so funny to me that I could get this close to him! 

Oh, and here is a little SEAL photo just for giggles!  They are so funny! 

I appreciated how pretty the world is when I was seeing all these beautiful creations in San Diego.  

Monday, May 14, 2018

Some More San Diego Fun

 After that amazing trip to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, we enjoyed lots more gorgeous sights in San Diego!  There is so much beauty!  Here's some highlights!

These little rooms on the Pier are just adorable!  What a fun place to visit!!  We enjoyed walking all the way out to the end!

And of course, if there is a pretty backdrop, we take pics!! 

Exciting to catch these planes flying over San Diego so low!!  
And finding the coolest architectural pieces too! 

Balboa Park never disappoints!  The buildings are stunning! 

And I could spend hours in this arboretum taking pics of the orchids! 

We had lots of fun at Cabrillo Monument tide pools in Point Loma!  Beautiful sights! 

I love traveling to see the beautiful world God made for us to enjoy!  Each little detail is totally amazing!

I have one more report about San Diego coming up soon, but thank you for stopping here today!  Thanks for traveling along!

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Carlsbad Flower Fields!

A couple weeks ago, I had the great fortune of going to the Flower Farms in Carlsbad California!  I was on a girls trip with some of my A Year in the Making Sisters and we were going to be in San Diego during the blooming time for all these amazing Ranunculus flowers!  It was just amazing to see  miles and miles of flowers all divided by colors!!!
The lovely Ladies I got to travel with!  So happy our Class ONLINE brought these friends into my life!  

Tractor rides took us thru miles of flowers 

It was so hard to tell which one was my favorite color!! 

There were lots and Lots of us taking photos there, and this lovely model was enjoying a beautiful place to take photos! I loved her dress and hat! 

I loved the backgrounds! 

Each one is a masterpiece! 

That color!!!!! 

This might be my favorite!!! 
They were filling buckets on the trucks with wrapped bouquets to sell! 

Pretty rainbow of colors! 

We saw lots of Pickers in the fields while we rode on the tractor and wagon. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Tis the Season>>>

 April is the season of Prom, graduation and lots of pomp and circumstance.  It is also a beautiful time to get outside and enjoy Spring's pretty pretty Pops of color and blooms!  We had lots of fun getting to do a photoshoot with Jensen in her Prom dress!
All those pretty blooming trees made a perfect back drop! 

And add a little pop of confetti!  

They are just amazing! 

We loved this dress for her!! 

It was also amazing weather the day we did these!  Such a fun day!!