Saturday, September 22, 2018

Let's go to the Fair!

Here's some pics from our trip to the New Mexico State Fair with Elliette Jane!  Opa and Mimi love to go to the fair and we have always taken our kids when they were littler, but now that we have Elliette in the family, we HAD to take her to experience the petting zoo!  It was really fun to see her interaction with the animals and we had a very  nice day there.  

Isn't he the cutest?? 

She thought this one was adorable 

Opa helped her brush the sheep 

I think she was going to brush her own hair! 

Looking for more goats with unruly Hair to comb

She likes bunnies because Opa has bunnies at his house. 

and then what is a visit to the farm without a tractor ride?? 

I cracked up when I saw this photo of her face!!! 

had to get up on the Big tractor! 
More fun with the goats
Getting some apples at the Farm for little kids!  The State Fair had wonderful areas for little kids to have fun! 

And just being cute during lunch!   It was a lovely day to get to visit the animals.  Thanks for going along!! 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Chasing the Hummers!

 Chasing the Hummingbirds in my front yard with my Big Girl Camera!  We moved our hummingbird feeder to the front yard recently and I have really been trying to get some good photos of them from the window.  I even took off the screens!

But that was not working......
So a couple days ago, I took my Big Girl Camera outside and I sat down pretty close to the feeder.  I sat super still!  I used my longer lens and here are the results!  I am thrilled that they came very close and that they were not scared at all!

Caught this when he was flying away! 
 I had many more good shots but these are a few favorites!  I am also sharing a beautiful Dahlia that has grown in my garden!   I am swooning over this amazingly gorgeous flower!

 Hope you enjoyed these little Nature Beauties!  Come on by again soon!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A little Zoo trip`

One of the best gifts as a grandparent is to get to do the things you did with your kids -AGAIN!!! We loved taking our little sweetheart to the Zoo!  We had a wonderful time!

She was fascinated with the ducks and geese.  One of the little things she says these days is Quack so that came in handy

And we also loved the Merry Go Round

Let's go see that Peacock! 

Big Girls ride the rides!! 

And we love the sea lions too! 

close ups! 

Beautiful! and I walked right up to him! 

New baby elephant named Thorn

I think she is telling Opa where the tigers are!!! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Elliette is ONE!

I am getting a bit out of order here, since I take so many photos and I forget to post often!  I am sharing our little Elliette's first birthday here!  We are blown away that she is a year already!  It has been an amazing year!!!  Here's some highlights from her Sunshine Birthday party!
The Birthday Girl and her mommy on the Actual day! 

She loved the Water Table she got for her birthday

Hours of fun! 

We had a small cake at our family dinner on her actual day

First birthdays are for parents, right???? 

The weekend after the actual day, we hosted a birthday party in our backyard for the Sunshine girl! 

Grandma Zoe made a delicious cake! 

Lots of friends came to celebrate which tells us she is SOOOOO Loved

I printed her monthly calendar photos I had taken thru the year and it showed how much she had grown! 

Shades for the guests of our Sunshine party

It was yummy! 

as you can see......

Uncle Ross came to join us for the party!  Fun to see him! 

I am so thankful Debbie came to help celebrate too!  She was our Go-to person for help with all the cute decor we had!  Thankful for her support!!! 

Debbie made Elliette a darling tutu and we had to take some princess Sunshine photos! 

And of course, Prince Charming came! 

It was such an awesome party and celebration of our little princess!!!

Thanks for coming by!!!