Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Little Valentine's Day Doggie LOVE

Happy Valentine's Day!  Some of you know I am a real Valentine-- born Colette Valentine!  I am married, with a new name, but we always have a special place in our hearts for Valentine's day because we celebrated Valentine's Day Big time when I was growing up!  Today I decided instead of the regular hearts and flowers post, I would share with you some of the Loves of my life!  Today I am sharing some recent pics I took of Brooklyn and Piper.  
She looks like she is calm ---- hahahaha!  This little red-head is a feisty one! 

I really love this innocent look!  Don't let her fool you!  Even though she is turning 7 this month, she is still the Energizer Bunny! 
That is our PIPER

And here we have the VERY Shaggy and un-kept Brooklyn, before she went to the groomer.  You can also see Pansy, our Shihtzu who is 14.  Pansy won't pose for the camera, but Brooklyn is pretty cooperative.  You can see she is in bad need of a bath.  Brooklyn just turned 10 this month! 

That looks much better!  She is all groomed and smelling like a rose!!! 
Brooklyn was a therapy dog for 6 years and she is such a pleaser!!  She is the most wonderful girl!!
Both of the girls are Goldendoodles!  Piper is a mini-goldendoodle!  

Jensen and I really enjoy taking them on long walks and burning some of their energy!!
Thanks for stopping by to see my Girls! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A little Creativity doesn't hurt!

Design Your Life series by @rhonnafarrer! 
Today, I am sharing a little of the creativity I have been doing these last few weeks.  The new year always inspires me to do more creating and with the holidays over, the time to create is usually more available!   I have several projects in the works, and some of that includes getting my photos out and scrapping again!   

I love seeing these memories from a few years ago! 

a fun little water color project

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resulted in this..... 
Using up some of my kits I had leftover !  this one is from @sugarmaplepaperco.  So fun! 
I hope you are finding time to be inspired and create a little bit yourself!  It's good for the soul!

Friday, January 27, 2017


When I say I want to go back..... I mean that literally-- but also back to last month to share our Christmas trip!  I have been sitting on these photos and finally edited them and wanted to share our family vacation.  We decided to make memories this year and it was a HUGE gift to us!  We all had a fantastic time in Florida and here's a little slideshow (cuz I hated to have to make you read about all these individual pics!)  Enjoy -- and thanks for traveling along with us!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

It was a Birthday Extravaganza!!

 Gotta tell you about the BEST Birthday celebration I got invited to!!  This was in the works since November when my bestie's daughter, M, decided her mom needed a trip to Waco to see the Silos for her birthday gift in December.   I was so thrilled when she asked me to join them for this trip which was happening this past weekend.  I was very blessed to be "along for the ride" which meant I did not need to Plan a thing!  M did a fantastic job of planning everything!

Here's Debbie = the Birthday girl! 
Here we are just getting to the wonderful Magnolia Market in Waco.  We are all fans of the show "Fixer Upper" so Debbie was thrilled to get this as a gift! 

Beautiful People and things to photograph! 
Delicious  Lunch!! 

The cutest little garden! 

We enjoyed the wonderful Silos Baking Co. Cupcakes !! 

Delightful Cupcakes! 
Fantastic retail space!  Full of gorgeous things!

There were tons more photos I took-- too many to share but the REST of the journey included a fun photoshoot on a gravel road in the fog!  You know I love to practice when I have models this pretty!  (and Fog)!!! 

While we were parked on the road taking these fun pics, we noticed a barnyard across the street.  M wanted to run over and get a photo of the Pot belly pigs!  She is a city girl, so this was a big treat!
Taken from the car= very far away.   

When the animals saw her coming, they all came running to meet her!  so cute!! 

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It was really fun to get up close and take their pics! 
 Thanks for stopping by== I'll have to share some more pics from our trip in a few days!  It was a totally Wonderful Birthday celebration!  (I felt like it was MY Birthday!)

Happy Birthday Deb! 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Meet Tiberius!

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I just had to share this little slideshow I made for my friend Courtney!  She just got a new baby Labradoodle and I got to go play with and photograph this little lady!  Tiberius Riley is 9 weeks old and allllllll puppy!  That wavy hair is so CA-UUUUUUTE!  We had alot of fun meeting her and got our puppy fix, which is good since we absolutely don't need another dog at our house!  Thanks Courtney for letting us borrow!!!  

Monday, January 2, 2017

First Post of the NEW Year!

Here's our girl, Pansy who is such a little sweetie!  She is 14 now and still getting up every day with gusto!  We got her a darling sweater this year! 

2017 is Here!!  And again, I am going to say "Where did the time go?"  Honestly, the days fly by for me and I find myself saying that I need more hours.  I guess I am either not using my time wisely, or I just have a To-do list that is way too long!!  Either way, you can see I have not blogged much during December.  I love the holiday season and the events of the month of December were really fun!  Today I am sharing a little Christmas decoration post since I never shared my decor all month!  Today was the day I packed it all up and now all I have IS the photos to show for it.  

Love this sweet little ornament

Jensen made these last year and they are so pretty! 

Playing with the Bokeh

This year's tree was done in Aqua and White and Silver!  My favorites!  Don't forget the glitz! 

Another little ornament made a few years ago by Jensen.  These are Salt shakers with little bottle brush trees inside snow! 

more bokeh with lights

She usually is not this obedient! 

Someday when she is gone, I will really treasure this pic! 

Christmas morning pics with Piper and Brooklyn opening their gifts! You can see the tails wagging

The Wait!

I think Jensen had to hold her back!!!  lol 

Pansy liked her treat! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Celebrating Jesus Birthday

We had the privilege of attending the "Klove Christmas Tour" last night and it was quite a wonderful night of worship!  The bands were: Unspoken, Mac Powell of Third Day and David Crowder!  We love hearing them on the radio every day, and it was a huge treat to celebrate last night with Christmas music and the fun holiday spirit!  I did not work hard at getting excellent pics, but these are a few I really liked.


David Crowder is such a great musician along with his talented band

Here's Mac Powell from Third Day

Always love the music of Unspoken

We really got in the Holiday mood with this Christmas celebration and worship!