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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just one last post.... LONDON

I have posted ON and ON about our amazing trip to see Ross in London!  I have a few shots from Buckingham Palace!  We did not visit there during Changing of the Guard, so it was not busy!  It was a beauty of an evening and I love being able to get up close!

We look like Bag ladies carrying all our photo equipment and our shopping! 

yes, It is GRAND

Stock Still and looks YOUNG - like a kid

Really gorgeous! 

This crazy kid!
Sharing the last pics from our trip today, and with that I need to include the Highlight Video Ross made.  He was a blogger for the Study Abroad LONDON, so He made weekly highlight videos for showing all they were doing.  Randy and I were thrilled to be a part of this one!  Some of you already saw it on FACEbook, but if NOT< here it is!n  Enjoy!! 
LDN Study Abroad (Week 5 Highlights) from Ross Jordan on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I've been a BAD blogger....

So sorry that my blog has been so neglected!  I meant to post some more London trip Photos before my recent trip to Salt Lake City (photos to come) but sadly I got too busy and did not do it!  I am finally back with some more pics from our vacation!  There is just too much beauty everywhere in London to miss posting these!!  Enjoy the little Architecture Show!!
hello beautiful! 

Me and my prince standing at the church Prince William and Kate got married

Can't get over the details! 

art inspired

every single inch is gorgeous!

Thanks for visiting London with me!! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm Back with some more TRAVEL pics

After a little interruption about my scrapbook, I am back to share some more London Trip photos!  Believe me, I took sooooooo many photos and they are just too fun to HIDE!
After a fantastic weekend in Paris and seeing Disneyland Paris (see a few posts back), we were back in London for some more sightseeing.  Ross was an excellent tour guide, and here we begin the Walk thru lots of LONDON sights!
We have arrived back to Paddington Station from Paris!  Ready to see London!  This guy is the BEST travel partner!! 

Gorgeous buildings and flowers everywhere

Totally wanted to live here!

Big Ben looked all shiny! 

This photo has way too much funny in it!  From the Accordian player, to the Asian Mom and her daughter next to him, to the Lovely bright cheetah pants in the bottom left corner.  This was Fun! 


The Papparazzi

The English Bobby!  I love these hats!

Come back again to see more pics!  I will have lots more!!! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

We interrupt the travel posts.....

Today, I interrupt my London travel update for breaking news!  I wanted to be a part of a challenge I have not done before.  The JOT magazine is having a little challenge and I decided I needed to post this layout to participate.!  The Challenge was to use "Something Stripey, Something BOLD, Something Glittery, and Something GOLD.  I used the new  Heidi Swapp Project Life Gold Stuff to create this page!  This little lady was close to turning 3 and we had a lovely little tea party.  I loved her little Pouty face on this pic!  The rest of the party was all smiles!!!
The elements in this fun Heidi collection are beautiful in shiny GOLD!

Thanks for stopping by to see this little challenge! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

DisneyLand Paris -- Dream come true!

I made this little flip-agram with my iPhone pics of Disneyland Paris!  I am such a Disney girl, so this little Extra on our trip to Paris made it so special!  It was so much fun to go see Disneyland in Paris-- something I can check off my bucket list!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Keep on traveling.... with ME!

This week has been packed with activities, so I am just now getting to another TRAVEL report from our trip to LONDON!  I took so many photos and there is so much BEAUTY there, that YOU can't handle seeing all of it at once!  lol
Here's some more pretties from Westminster Abbey!
These streets!!!  Architecture heaven! 


BIG BEN!  ornate is my favorite!

So many fun sights! 

Westminster Abbey is just amazing

 Well believe it or not, there's more- but like I said, you can't handle all the beauty at once!  I was overwhelmed while I was there.  Come back soon to see more!!!

isn't this amazing??? 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

OUR travels......continued!

I have another installment of photos from our London/Paris trip today!  I have so many to go thru and edit, that it takes a while to cover the whole trip!  Today I am so excited to share something that was on my bucket list and it was magical!  Those of you who know me, know I am a total Disney girl!  I had always wanted to visit an international Disney- since I had been to WDW and Disneyland alot!  It was so much fun to take a train to DisneylandParis!!!  Here's a few shots from there!  It is beautiful and pretty much the same as the US - only French style!  There was a new Ratatouille ride that was adorable!  So perfect for France!  We had a blast and I am so happy we went!
Of course, Disneyland Paris is PINK!!!! 

Look at these Hydrageas!  Fantastic

First thing on Mainstreet was a dance number- of course!  (sung in English)

Me and my Prince 

It's really gorgeous

beautiful ceiling and chandelier in Adventureland

Flowers everywhere!!! 

One of the old favorites

Fontain and restaurant with Ratatoiulle theme