Monday, November 20, 2017

Amazing Creations

The same weekend we saw such amazing rock formations in Sedona-- we also saw amazing creations at the Butterfly Wonderland outside of Phoenix!  This place was full of gorgeous butterflies, so we took some time to stop and play around with our cameras!  

They come in all colors! 

And they land wherever they Want to!  

I loved catching this landing!!!! 

They have beautiful plants

His close- up 

This lady was sweet enough to let me take the pic when this one landed on her hair  
The Dinner table 

So many different beauties

We had such a great time seeing all these masterpieces!  Thanks for joining my Trip thru Butterfly Wonderland!  If you ever get a chance to visit, it will be well worth the trip!!!  

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nature's Beauty

Now that I have told my Summer travel story (see the previous posts), I am moving on to more travel we did in September.  We took a trip to Sedona Arizona in September, and were in complete Awe of the amazing rock formations and the desert beauty!  It was an amazing sight!
Beauty we needed to Capture! 

So many different shapes and colors! 

We really loved seeing this for the first time and I am sure we will go visit again soon!  While we were there, we talked about how amazing God's artwork is in this world.  He put these incredible sights in a place in Arizona that can't be seen anywhere else.  There are lots of natural wonders in the world, and I am so in awe when I think of the creative God we have. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

One More Story

We've been on this Summer adventure now for quite a few posts and Today marks the end of the journey!  I have lots more to share from our everyday life- but I could not end the posts about our Oregon/California trip because It was so much fun and I had soooooo many pics to share!  Here's the end of our trip to McCloud California. 

Delicious restaurants in the Mercantile! 

Some After Hours pics

Isn't this charming??? It has wonderful food, too!  

nice they had such cool Props on the porch for me to practice shooting with

And some gorgeous buildings too!!!  

This old train car used to be part of a restaurant, to!  
 Before we headed home to Albuquerque, we flew to Iowa where we met up with Jensen and we all visited the Grandparents!  We enjoy finding some pretty places in Iowa for a photoshoot too!

Those Queen Anne's Lace fields Never Disappoint! 

Aren't these guys cute???? Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Terry have Tucker and Wiggles out on their farm.  We loved seeing them! 

Tucker was happy to see Jensen

Such pretty fields of flowers ! 

Jensen and I LOVE the old barns in Iowa

Harley was showing us around the farm too! 

He jumped in the stock tank or a swim!  

We enjoyed our time in Iowa and THEN......... time to end the summer vacation and head back home!!  See you next time! 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Let's Keep GOING!

Wow folks!  another week has passed and here we are again!  I have so many stories to tell and lots more travels, but I hate to miss out on finishing the story about our July adventures.  Today, I am sharing more about the McCloud, California.   We ended our anniversary trip here = the place where I had been last year with a special group of ladies during a workshop.  I really wanted Randy to get to see it!  We went exploring around McCloud and saw this stream.  

Beautiful Reflections happening this time of day

Had to do a little Rock Skipping!  

Randy is good at it!  

 The area around McCloud had so much beauty and it was easy to find alot of places for gorgeous photos!  I am happy to be traveling with one of my best models!
He said he could even do a BIG rock! 

We have lots of fun- he's always awesome to hang out with!  

That Big one made a great splash!!! 

What a pretty setting to hang out for the evening! 

Show off!!! 

The beauty of Northern California
McCloud is such a cute little fishing town.  We loved the restaurants and the cutest little stores!  
Back in McCloud..... We did some more exploring

Here is the Mercantile again and it is the Cutest thing ever!!

We even saw a Fish Hatchery!  

They grow their pinecones BIG here! 

AND the flowers everywhere... Really really beautiful place to visit! 
That ends our trip to Oregon and McCloud, California and next stop-- Iowa!