Friday, June 10, 2016

Father's Day EARLY

Hello my friends!  This year, I will be out of town for Father's day, so I had to plan ahead to spoil the Awesome DAD at our house!  I came up with a fun and wonderful idea which happened last weekend!  We have an amazing resort near our house called the Hyatt Regency Tamaya and that is a destination that is always sure to please!
The Stables at the Tamaya are so much fun, so I surprised Randy with a Trail ride! 

Turned out to be perfect weather- slightly cloudy with not too much wind and not too hot! 

The ride took us near the River and what a gorgeous view of the Sandias in the background! 

We had a great group of people to ride with! 

We also loved the Trail Guides, the sweetest young ladies who answered all of our questions! 

Really really pretty! 

This was my horse Santana-- a joy for an ammeter like me to ride

Randy got to ride Dunn

The stables have lots of horses -- so pretty

Here is a pair of the Belgian horses that pull the horse and carriage at the resort. We found all the horses to be really friendly! 
 After the trail ride, we had an awesome dinner on the Patio and some lovely live music!  Perfect evening!

The next day, we spent the day relaxing at the pool.  On the way to the pool, there was LIVE entertainment in the courtyard.  The Tamaya is located on the Santa Ana pueblo, so the Indian dancer and his talented musician wife entertained us with some ceremonial dances.
I loved all the details on this costume! 

Really gorgeous 

Classic Indian dancing at it's finest! 

I loved that round circle of feathers on his back
We had a marvelous time at our little get-away for Father's day!  If you ever come to visit the southwest, I'd highly recommend the Tamaya for a wonderful time!
Thanks for traveling with me!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Today's Smile and Giggle brought to you by: The bunnies at 10 days old!  They are definitely growing!!  I've been busy holding and snuggling them, so I did not get this posted until now, but here they are at 10 days old!  
Since we love photography, of course, we had to have a 10 day old photoshoot in the Wagon!

They are going to be hard to tell apart!  The beauty of a 10 day photoshoot is that they can't see yet, so they are not as jumpy as they will be very soon! 

And they are already too big for the dumptruck!! 

Very soon they will all be jumping out of the nest box!

I'll keep you posted as they grow and please come back to visit soon! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We have some fun news at our house!  We are introducing our new baby bunnies!  Stella and Sterling are parents again and we are thrilled!  You might remember that last year we had their first litter of 6 babies.  This time, she had 6 again and today they are a week old! I've been taking pics each day since they were 3 days and we have been holding them.  We will get to spoil and enjoy them for the next 8 weeks and then we will be finding homes for them!
There are 3 sets of twins and this color scheme is my favorite -- White tummies and black backs.  There are 2 that look like this! 

Here's a whole Pile of them.  Whenever we hold them, they try to burrow down to the bottom of the pile!  So sweet and tiny

We have 2 that are all black, so telling them apart will be interesting!!  
 I am sure I'll be sharing alot (and I mean ALOT) of pics in the coming weeks of the babies as they start to grow and HOP around!  Thanks for coming to visit!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

A peek at the Pretty

We've been enjoying so much pretty in our garden!  Thought I'd share some of the things we have been growing!  Warning:  We've got lots of pretties!
Jensen is growing strawberries in her raised bed garden!  

And tomatoes

This is the time of year our roses go crazy!  Very pretty

I planted a bunch of succulents and a few cactus-- I love this little one-- very sweet

such a gorgeous color

Sweet Brooklyn is following me around as I take the photos of the garden

Peonies-- they are always a favorite

my little succulent garden

I really like all these textures and colors

We also have Pansies and Gerbera daisies

I am a fan of Ivy also

I love the delicate petals on this ranunculus

Come visit my garden anytime!!  Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Last week at this time.......

Last week at this time.. I was at a grad party in San Diego!  
Here's a little slideshow to celebrate Ross's graduation from PLNU!  It was a delightful trip to San Diego and you will see all the fun we had!

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Let's face it!!!!!

Let's face it folks, I have once again been Missing in Action here on the blog!  I have a good excuse, though, because we have been traveling!  I wanted to share my photos from our Iowa trip in April before I get to telling you about our latest trip to see Ross graduate from college!  That will come....... BUT today I am sharing some of my favorite shots from visiting our family in Iowa!  We had lots of fun and saw lots of relatives, but can't share all of them here, so Here's a few of my favorites!
We got to visit with my Aunt Alida and Uncle Harm at their house and they were babysitting their adorable little grandson!  During the visit, a tractor went by and Grant was totally excited to wave and blow kisses and it was an awesome moment!  Very happy I got to capture it! 

We enjoyed these people so much and Aunt Alida is a great cook- so that is also a bonus! 

Grant is a blast to play with! 

Now we move on to Randy's side of the family where we got to visit with his Aunt LaVonne!  This is a pic of her and her granddaughter Kaylie!  Really fun to catch up with them and have lunch! 
Randy's Parents, with Jensen, Randy and LaVonne

Randy's Mom and her sister LaVonne

Here is a pic of Jensen with MY parents, Bob and Eileen

We found an amazing park full of gorgeous trees in bloom and got to have a 10 minute photoshoot before our flight back home!  It was magical!!

Thanks for hanging in there with my blog and please keep coming back!  I really do love to keep up with my friends and family thru this blog, and I promise to be back soon to tell you more of my adventures!  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's a Special DAY

 Well, last week, we were out of town visiting family in Iowa and I was MIA here on the blog!  I promise to write about the trip and share some great pics but I can't do that Today because it is a Special Day here at our house!  This little lady turns 17 today!!!  Whattttttt????  I can honestly say I can't believe I am saying that!  It's Jensen's 17th birthday and I thought these confetti pics were perfect to share with that!!
These Confetti Eggs were so much fun to celebrate with at Easter! 

Make a Wish!! 

Sprinkle some confetti and EAT some CAKE!! 


And of course we played with them all!!!  Beautiful colors all over the front porch! 

And soon they were all done!! 

I'm thinking there will be some sprinkles and confetti involved today as we celebrate this Birthday Girl!  Lots of love and special wishes to you Jensen Grace!!