Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's a Special DAY

 Well, last week, we were out of town visiting family in Iowa and I was MIA here on the blog!  I promise to write about the trip and share some great pics but I can't do that Today because it is a Special Day here at our house!  This little lady turns 17 today!!!  Whattttttt????  I can honestly say I can't believe I am saying that!  It's Jensen's 17th birthday and I thought these confetti pics were perfect to share with that!!
These Confetti Eggs were so much fun to celebrate with at Easter! 

Make a Wish!! 

Sprinkle some confetti and EAT some CAKE!! 


And of course we played with them all!!!  Beautiful colors all over the front porch! 

And soon they were all done!! 

I'm thinking there will be some sprinkles and confetti involved today as we celebrate this Birthday Girl!  Lots of love and special wishes to you Jensen Grace!!  

Friday, April 15, 2016

Come with me to the CAVE

I'm still sharing our little Spring Break Roadtrip in New Mexico!  These deer were grazing as we drove up into the Mountains of Ruidoso.  We left there and headed to our next destination: Carlsbad!

 The elevator at the Caverns is broken, so we were up for a long long hike down into the cave.
Here's the top as we headed down.  It is a very steep hill!!  I liked the DOWN part much more than the climb back out! At least we had our exercise! 

You might be able to see people in the lower left of this photo and you can also see them at the top part in the light!  Like I said, it's steep! 
 These next photos are from inside the cave and all the formations are very fascinating!

 It's such a unique sight and I am so happy that we finally went for a visit.  We have lived here in New Mexico for 29 years--- so it was time.  The New Mexico Roadtrip was lots of fun and we enjoyed this beauty all around us!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Break goes ON>>>>

 Continuing on with our little Spring break trip in New Mexico, we had a couple lovely hikes in the mountains near Ruidoso!  What a beautiful place and we were so blessed with perfect weather.  It was so refreshing and nice to be in the sunshine and take a walk to explore!

Later that day, we took a trail ride in the mountains!  We really recommend Grindstone Stables-- they were so nice and we had such a beautiful ride up thru the trees! 

Here's Jen on Cowboy!  She has had lots of camp time on horses, so she was thrilled to get to ride again. 

The lady who was on the ride with us took this shot!  

Here's another one from the mountains- a really awesome place to explore!!
We loved Ruidoso!!! 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Break WAS AWESOME

This year, we decided to do a New Mexico road trip for Spring break!  We are famous for traveling by airplane, so we don't know alot of the wonderful state we live in.  So we thought we should go take advantage of some of the amazing places we have right here in our state.  First stop:  White Sands!!

White Sands is such a strange and unique phenomenon.  It looks like it would be Hot Sand, but it is actually gypsum and it is cool to the touch.  The day we went was Perfect!  Not too hot (I've been there in August) and not too cold.  It was fantastic!
We took the saucer along for sledding! 


There's hills and hills of what looks just like snow!  

Cutest little picnic areas, too! 

And of course, some desert plants add interest! 

The winds create these layers in the gypsum! 

Surface it to say- we LOVED our day there.  We enjoyed walking around over hills and sledding and seeing what lots of other people were doing too!  I'd highly recommend a visit here if you are ever in the Southwest! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Taking you to the Beach Today

We went lots of fun places in San Diego and ate tons of delicious treats and laughed alot!  But I always look forward to a trip to the beach-- or the coastline near the college Ross attends.  It was as beautiful as ever! Heres some fun shots we took there!  I'm happy when Ross lets me practice my photography on him!
Who doesn't love the crash of the waves???

22.  college senior.  broadcast journalist..   photographer.... into fitness....knows how to have lots of fun....... news writer.......   I could go on and on

telling his mother how to take better pics

He really does remind me of his dad! 

Layers and layers of waves

It was a lovely afternoon

This was a pier in Ocean Beach.  That day, the waves were crashing really high!  So cool

The clouds and boats here always make for such an interesting pic

Thank you for joining me in San Diego!  Happy you could travel along!  You never know where we are headed next! 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Continuing my San Diego Weekend

Stacey and I really came to San Diego so we could come to a craft fair in a nearby town!  The Vintage Marketplace at Galway Downs was on my bucket list so I am thrilled we got to come and check it out.  It did not disappoint!
The cutest little trailer with sweets and treats! 

Look at all this gorgeousness

beautiful fresh flower bouquets

Really beautiful displays and antiques

This was the entrance!  I loved the bike! 

Got to meet one of my favorite Jewelry designers in person!  Janis Hughes of GraceAbounding is the sweetest!!!  
Even the clouds were pretty that day and you can see alot of people came out to shop!  We loved every minute!

The real reason for my trip to San Diego was to attend a craft fair in a nearby town.  Stacey and I wanted to go to "the Vintage Marketplace at Galway Downs", a vintage market that is held monthly!  It did not disappoint!!  What an amazing group of vendors and the booths and antiques were wonderful!!  These are all iPhone pics, so I did not take my big girl camera along. 

Look at all this gorgeousness

This friend was able to join me and since she had moved to California last summer, it was awesome to catch up with her and reconnect! 
Beautiful fresh flower arrangements! 
I got to meet a very special lady!  She is a jewelry designer and I have lots of her pieces!  She was as sweet as she is talented!  Thanks Janis from GraceAbounding!!  

Even the sky was gorgeous that day!  We couldn't have had better weather!  You can see they had a nice crowd and we sure did love getting to go there!!!