Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's all about Bubbles!

Enjoy this little slideshow from our recent trip to see family!  This little guy is so adorable and I am always happy to get to Photograph Grant Michael!
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My poor Little Bloggeeeeeee

 Well, I've had to keep saying this....  but my Poor little Blog!!!  I have not been it's best friend lately! I have a good excuse -- this time -- I have been out of town the last couple weeks, and we have lots going on!  Today I am back and TRYING to get all caught up.   WE have had lots of fun traveling, and now we are back to share this story!!  We have Baby bunnies again!!  Here they are at 3 days old.   This little family of 4 arrived on March 15th.  Stella is such a great mom and we are loving having them!  During the time we were away--- the Housesitter(s) fed them their "Wheaties" and here is what we found when we came home.
These guys are now 4 weeks OLD!  They have grown by leaps and bounds.   This is Dasher on the left and Vixen on the right!  They are just plain adorable! 
We love their "Airplane" ears!    Vixen and Dasher again!
Here we are all cuddled up in the box! 

This was just earlier today-- they are all over the cage now and we let Mama have some "mother's day out" trips occasionally too!  We are loving watching them grow up!  YOU can always watch my daily reports on my Instagram Story under my IG name colette913

Thanks for coming by and please don't give up on my little bloggeeeeee!!!  

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Adventures with Company

We recently had delightful company from Iowa visit!  These friends, the Bayers, have been friends with us for many years and I have to credit my first job as a hairdresser many moons ago for meeting them!  We hit it off then and as the years have progressed, it has been our blessing to stay friends and see each other a few times a year.  When they visited us recently in Albuquerque, we decided an adventure was in order.  We took them to the Beautiful Tentrocks for a hike!
Sunny Weather and a lovely place to visit! 

The landscape was just gorgeous! 

Layers and layers of rock formations

So many beautiful pictures to take 

We were very happy our friends are also adventurers like we are! 

AND a little bit of the NM landscape includes some Cactus!  They look dangerous! 

Thanks for coming along with us and please come back to visit my blog soon!  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One last Magical post!

I just can't help it!!  We had way too much fun and too many photos to choose from, so here we are again with just one more!!  It is always so magical!!  Enjoy a few more of our favorite memories!
Who doesn't love the CANDY store???? 


Yes-- we will!!! 

Disney Springs has these cool Water-cars and we just had to try one!!  
so much un! 
Randy and I enjoyed the back seat which allowed me to capture these cute photos! 
Those little duck decorations were fun too!  

After a delicious lunch and shopping at Disney Springs, we had to try out the Sprinkles ATM!! Yay for Sprinkles cupcakes! 

After all that fun in the morning, we headed back to do the Safari at Animal Kingdom! It was a great time because there was lots of activities there! 

3 of them!!!  All at once!!  While riding in a bumpy Safari jeep, so I thought I nailed it!!! 

Thank YOU Jen for this pic! 
Next it was her turn!! 

Always a fun photo to remember our amazing time at Animal Kingdom! 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Back for More!

Today I have some more Wonderful Disney photos!  It takes a long time to get thru all of them and get them sorted!  WE had so much fun there, and I love being able to document these memories and remember them! 

Here we are today at Epcot!  We loved all the flowers! 

Amazing gardens and topiaries all over Epcot!  How in the world do they Never have a dead leaf???? I am always impressed by their gardening skills.  

Epcot had their very first "Arts Festival" while we were there, so we loved all the extra ART projects and ARTISTS all over the park.  This sidewalk chalk was one example.  YOU know Disney, they always do it to the extreme of awesome! 

Expedition Everest is Jensen's favorite!  I was happy to stay and photograph the ride.  This car did not have her in it, but wow--that is one steep drop.  YOU can hear the screams, right???? 

This beautiful wall is in Animal Kingdom!  Couldn't miss using this as a backdrop! 

My hubby is always great about Posing when I find a great background! 

Morocco, anyone??? 

Not sure why Jen had a random Grandpa riding with her????? what???? lol

Beautiful colors in the fireworks at Epcot!  Illuminations! 

Posing before our Lunch at the 50's Prime!  Delish food! 

Who doesn't love these beauties found at Animal Kingdom in Asia
Animal Kingdom Dinoland
The Finding Nemo show is just adorable! 
Diet Coke is Dad's favorite!!  

It was a thumbs up on Expedition Everest!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sharing a little Disney!!!

As I always start out saying,  my poor little Blog has been neglected AGAIN!   I hate that, but this time I have a good excuse!  I was out of town having a Magical time!!!  As you know, I am a huge Disney fan and since I still have a child in my home who loves Disney as much as I do, we took advantage of that,  and decided we needed to go to Disney World again.   We always have such amazing family memories and  this time did not disappoint!  Heres a few of my favorite pics, some highlights, to share and I am sure I will be back to share more in a few days!

How can you not love Piglet??? 

And Eeyore???? 

Tigger is a fun Guy too! 

Beautiful Parades

YOU Can't beat this celebration! 

Jen and I got to help paint a mural at Epcot's Arts Festival 

Very fun!! 

We always love the World Showcase! 

Really love it when Jensen can take our photo! 

Love all that color!

These were just a few of my favorites and I'm sure I will be back soon to share  more.  Thanks for stopping by!!  I love having you travel with me!