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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The KLOVE Cruise

 We have just returned from a CRUISE last week.   The last several years we have been lucky enough to go on the KLOVE cruise.  We listen to KLOVE 24/7 here at our house and if you don't have it, it's the best Christian radio station ever!  The cruise this year sailed out of Miami and went to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and had 2 days at SEA.  We got to see all of our favorite artists and there's tons of worship on the boat with 3500 passengers.  The week is full of wonderful teaching and stories.  We come home feeling rested and really refreshed!  Today I am starting out sharing the journey with the day we spent in Miami.  We had a fun day there and chose to visit the Miami Seaquarium.  It reminded me alot of SEAWorld.  We love to watch whales and seals and dolphins, so it was a perfect way to spend our first day on vacation?

Such a beauty of a sunset our first day in Miami
In these pics, I was playing around with my new mirrorless camera and really think it was pretty good! I am sure my pics aren't as good as my DSLR, but with a little more practice, it will turn out kinda like them. 

I loved that sparkle on the water! 

Up close and personal with the pelicans

These seagulls were hovering over this trainer the whole time she was working with the dolphins.  

I love seeing them jump!

Next, we have boarded the lovely MSC Divina and our very first concert the very first night was by my favorite, Matthew West!!  Great worship with him! 
Such a blessing!
Following Matthew West, was Mercy ME!!  They were also amazing!!
I felt blessed already and we had not even been on the ship for 1/2 a day!!  
Stay tuned for more of my KLOVE cruise report!  I've got lots of pics to share!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Today's adventure!

 Today I am sharing an adventure we went on a couple weeks ago!  I had not posted these, but the day after New Years, Jen and I took a little trip to Tingley Beach,  an area by the Rio Grande.  We got there around Sunset, and it was a gorgeous winter day.  We were first greeted by all the geese who hang out there in the Ponds.  They are a friendly bunch and they are always HUNGRY!  (sorry, guys, we forgot our bread)
They are great big--- and not afraid of humans AT all!!! 

Up Close and personal!! 

Let me tell you, they were much more popular since they remembered the Popcorn! 

We brought Piper along for a walk and we got to watch a gorgeous sunset beginning to set along the river!

Pretty winter skies

Love that orange glow!!! 

Pretty silhouettes

It was a lovely Winter evening!

The walking path was very nice!  We will have to come back and visit again soon!! 

I hope you will visit my blog again VERY soon!!  Until Next time.....

Thursday, January 7, 2016


 The last day of Christmas break, we decided it was such a gorgeous winter day, that we needed to head up to the Sandias and sled.  The snow has been coming down on our mountain, so we love to go play in it.  I took the opportunity to play with some photography.  It was lots of fun and beautiful up there!

Jen made a quick Snowman so the song "do you wanna build a snowman?" from Frozen was sung a few times :) 

Good sledding down the hills too! 
The mountain trees still look a little bit like fall, so that combined with the snow made it really pretty!! 

This was taken out in the snow that was at our house.  Jensen had some fun freezing bubbles! 
Piper was really wanting to go inside!! 

We had some pretty big bubbles and they were frozen so they hung around for me to photograph them!!
Come again to see what we are up to next!! 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Returning to Regular Programming

 Back to the last day of our San Diego trip after taking a minute to share Christmas!  It's the final day of the trip and thanks for hanging in there with me while I shared all my favorite pics from our Thanksgiving trip.  There were too many to leave out!!  This day was sunny and gorgeous and the beach was wonderful!!
Jen's favorite place is the beach!! 

Bare toes in the Air! 

we loved watching the waves roll in!  

And these guys......

They are fascinating and Big!! 

Later in the evening, we went to Seaport Village for dinner and the sunset finished off the day in perfection!

Hope your Holidays are still in full swing!!  We've got a New Year coming up and I hope you will keep visiting me here! 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

We interrupt this vacation report......

Since it is the day after Christmas and I was a huge slacker in taking photos at our Christmas celebration on Christmas eve,  I decided to remember the SEASON by sharing some Christmas parade pics from the Happiest place on Earth!  Disney always makes every detail perfect when celebrating and certainly Christmas was over the top fun!
A huge Tree in the Center Square- all the ornaments were beautiful! 

Holiday Balloons for Sale

These soldiers are adorable

So festive and the parade heads for the huge tree

Eeyore's sled was overturned!! 

Dancing Reindeer! 

And of course, the Big Guy in the Red suit is always the Favorite!
It was a wonderful and festive time and to watch the little kids enjoying all these holiday festivities was awesome!  Hope your Christmas was very Merry and my wish is that you  celebrated the REAL reason for the Season-- Jesus!! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Beauty Everywhere

 Our next stop on the day after we stuffed ourselves on Turkey, was a beauty of a place in San Diego- the Famous Balboa Park!  This old Merry-go-Round was definitely worth riding!!  It's very well kept and kids of all ages had fun on it!!

Reindeer and Cats! 

It was such a gorgeous day and of course, I love being able to practice photography on all this gorgeous architecture! 

And sometimes WE model for Ross! 

The Architecture always blows me away!! 

Playing with my Macro lens

What a huge and beautiful Venue

I think this tile is absolutely amazing!!  I want some in my back yard!!  The colors were so Fun! 

After a fun time at Balboa park, we headed to the Cabrillo National Monument.  It is right down the street from Ross' college!  

A little Selfie in San Diego! 

We all really loved exploring the Tidepools!! 

Beautiful Cliffs to climb on! 

I loved this shot- Christian was not afraid to get in the water!! 
We stayed long enough to see this!!!  
and this......

So much fun to have these two marrieds along!

A little tiny Sprinkle happened right at sunset, and look what happened!!!  I caught the marrieds up there in the orange glow!!!  Ending of a perfect day!!