Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WE have landed safely back in the NEST!

Last night was kinda crazy, as we were traveling back from a lovely vacation which included time with our family in Iowa and YUMMY sweet corn , Plus a relaxing several days on the most gorgeous Florida beaches!  Randy and I celebrated 27 years!!!  We got to take a very EXTENDED trip on the plane home-- with the storms in Dallas I am not sure how many times we circled before we had to divert to get gas in Austin TX.  It ended up with us LANDING back home a couple hours late, but luckily Gramp and Grams had it under control and everyone had a good time while we were gone!
We all had great stories to share, but the News from Ross was " Mom, we have to get up tomorrow morning to leave for the Movie Shoot AT 5:15 AM!!  IT was exciting news, however--- I had a full suitcase loaded with dirty swim suits and lotsa details of RE-Entry!  OH< well, THIS kid is a HOOT  - just like the picture says --and I just could not pass up the experience of hanging out with Ross as he was an extra in a movie they were shooting here in town.  WE had such an interesting day-- and will get to do another one tomorrow!!  This is a different film, but another wonderful opportunity-- so I guess when I get done being a STAGE mother---(heehee) I will unpack -- and get the sand outta the suitcase!