Saturday, August 7, 2010

The fantastic summer is coming to an end!!

I am having a hard time admitting it, but the first week of August is history and we have had to buy some new paper and pencils to prepare for School!!  Summer is my 2nd favorite after FAll, but I always love the schedule and the travel, etc. I will not be ready for the alarm to go off early and to be back into homework--- but WE had such an amazing time this summer so we have lots to be thankful for.  I was filing away the summer Academy photos today and saw all that Jensen got to do! What a fantastic place to be and they have so much fun learning things that she would never otherwise be doing-- like African Drumming, and learning about disabilities thru puppetry.  She got to learn synchronized swimming, and took a field trip to play wheelchair Basketball.  She is a lucky young lady to have spent her time on these fun and enriching classes!  This fabulous program does not feel at all like learning-- just loads of fun!!  WE are very blessed!!