Sunday, August 15, 2010


It wasn't all that long ago that THIS girl was a little 8 year old angel!  This is the favorite photo taken at 8 by Frank Frost!  It is still in my living room today!  BUT -- this weekend, this girl turned 19!!  She is headed off to an adventure every 19 year old would love to have.  She is packing her bags for a Study Abroad semester in Uraguay!  Lots of details and bittersweet thoughts this weekend, but mostly a very excited anticipation of all that God has for her over in South America!  We can't wait to hear all about the fun and places she will see!  Our prayers will be for safety, and loads of learning God's faithful presence as she branches out in an adventure.  She has grown to be a very capable young woman and will have lots to share with all the people she meets. 
Here she is today:   Happy 19th!  We love you, Jocelyn Danielle!