Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hope's Homecoming THIS weekend

 Friday Morning was the Hope Christian School Coronation ceremony and this year, as a junior, Ross needed to escort one of the senior girls because of a shortage of senior boys. Here he is on his way to the ceremony -- and frankly-- -to me-- he looks JUST like his dad. I love seeing him in a suit -- and believe it or not, His dad and I had our very first date at Homecoming -- ON this very same date - Oct. 8 -  34 years ago!!!  WOW!  Isn't that cool??  We think so! 

 Here he at coronation -- with Andrea Chavez-- and sadly it was very dark in the gym and the photo I took of their front sides did not turn out= so this will surfice.   YOU GET the picture!!  Very nice ceremony where Hope honors each senior -- and they read their testimonies. VERY sweet.  Lots of tears and proud parents. 

The soccer field gets decorated here too!!  Lots of work goes into this big week of fun!
 Now we move on to the evening-- some of Ross' friends got together as a group to go to the dance.  Here are the boys all ready to head out!  ( MY son-- loves his Converse - they go EVERYWHERE with him)

 Add in the girls!!

They all looked sooo gorgeous!

thought I would include this one-- so dark in the gym, but Ross and Andrea had a great seat in the front row!