Monday, October 4, 2010

It's October and there's LOTS to do!!!

 Well Folks, it is October and around here that means tons of events and lots to do!  It is very very much my favorite Time of Year!  This season in New Mexico is glorious-- the weather, the Balloon Fiesta, Halloween and Homecoming at Hope to name a few.  We are enjoying a spectacular week of gorgeous weather-- and trying to spend as many nights as possible eating on the patio. Sunny days at 75 degrees and cool crisp night air-- what could be better. I enlisted Jensen's help this weekend to get out Halloween decorating done- and she did a wonderful job!  she has quite an eye!!  We are not fans of GORY Halloween, but rather, total Cuteness -- so this is how it turned out!

  We also had to make a run to get Ross fitted for his Tux for Hope's homecoming this week. Hope does a beautiful job of honoring their seniors and having a special morning coronation ceremony.  Since the senior class has more girls than boys, Ross who is a Junior, as asked to escort one of the senior girls.  I am thrilled cuz this dress up thing is always alot of fun for me!  2 years ago, it was a gorgeous dress for Jocelyn and this time I get to see my boy, who turns 17 this week, in a tux!!!  Randy made me quit dressing Ross a long time ago right after the EASTER seersucker, so I am so excited for this weekend's tux!!
 Since the weather was soooo pretty Sunday, I had a great idea to copy a photo shoot I saw on "IHeartFaces" website last month.  They did a chalk Challenge -- and it was amazing-- so of course, I had to try it.  Jen was busy a long time coloring the back patio like a butterfly-- and the results were just adorable!  She and I both had lots of fun with this!

Super super cute Butterfly!!!!

and last but not least- my shot of Balloon fiesta on my way to school. I did stop - did not shoot and drive!!