Monday, October 18, 2010

Such a blessing!!!

One thing that continues to amaze me is the ability to be in touch with our oldest daughter in Uraguay by a simple thing called Skype!  This last week Randy and I had along chat with her-- and it is so much fun to see her in person and get all excited about all she is learning. WE even sat on our patio in the fantastic October weather!!  Let me tell ya, when Randy was away at college, and I was cutting hair back home-- we certainly would have loved being able to Skype -- let alone do it with someone in South America!!!  I Praise God for this technology!!  We even got to see Kendyl, Jocy's best friend-- so that was a treat too!  They are heading off to a trip to see the Iguazu waterfalls this week.  Randy is looking forward to a trip to see Jocy very soon, too.