Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Caribbean UPDATE!

Many of you know I was on the "Ultimate Scrapbook Cruise" last week for 8 glorious days of classes, ports, and sailing the seven seas!!  It was a wonderful trip and here are some of the highlights.  I did not want to bore you with the 800 + photos I took, so here are a few of the favorites that tell the story.  We sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale on the Carnival Freedom -- a very nice ship with LOTS of passengers.  Our group of scrappers was around 70 and we had lots of fun meeting women from all over. 

Here's my friend Lyn, who is excited to start our journey!!  We were very spoiled with the classes we took and the awesome teachers on the boat.
Our first port was a night in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we got to tour Old San Juan and see a Rumba Guitar show.  It was fun== but would have loved to see it during the daylight--- What we did see was gorgeous!

 The next stop was St. Thomas--- and the Ship was looking very pretty from the HIGH photo stop we made.  We visited Blackbeards castle and shopped downtown. 

 Antigua was the next port of call, and we loved spending the time lounging on a great beach.  It was such a pretty destination I had never been to. 
 The next place we stopped was Tortolla, the British Virgin Islands.  We took a bus tour -- and the roads were pretty steep and pretty narrow.  Kinda felt like we were on the roller coaster-- but we saw beautiful scenes all over and then ended up on another beach for a time in the sun.

This is some artwork painted all over the walls on our tour and it was such gorgeous color and details.  The tour was very interesting and hearing all about the islands from the driver was fun.
Next, we had a day at sea where we took more classes -- our projects were awesome and we will treasure them!

This is a beautiful shot from the beach in Antigua. The last port of call got cancelled , much to our dismay, due to a medical emergency onboard where they had to return to St. Thomas late in the week to take a passenger to the hospital.  We were all disappointed, but found lots to do and EAT on the ship.  It was such a memorable and terrific journey!  I feel blessed to be able to attend!!