Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Smell is in the AiR...........

Have you been smelling the Holiday smells????  I love it when there are cookies baking and the candles are burning filling my home with wonderful scents!!!  There is so much going on-- and Giving is one of them at our house~!  More on that later--

 but have you been over to Teresa Collin's blog  to see all she is giving away???  These prizes are amazing-- and so generous -- so Please don't miss your chance-- Click on the Teresa Collins 25 button on the side of my blog and it will take you over to see all the festivities.  She is also sharing so many cute tags and ideas. 

Now-- on to the projects over here.  I am so happy Jensen is getting old enough to cook and bake -- and I can watch!!!!  Those of you who know me-- you know I can bake, but I am not known for my cooking skills---(heehee).  So- since she needed to participate in her class' cookie exchange, she got to make SMORES yesterday--- and YUMMMMMM!! 

Have a blessed day!