Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Vacation Memories 2010

We enjoyed a lovely visit to Iowa to see family and help out MOM and DAD.  It was so great to see MOM doing well after the very difficult year she has had.   She is home and we even got to get her some new glasses. The weather was gorgeous while we were there and we ate more sweet corn than I have in a few years!  Boy I wish we had that here!!!  Thanks to MOM and DAD and Aunt Deb and Aunt Rhonda for their SWEETNESS!  After a few days there, we moved to the BEACH in Florida which happens to be super gorgeous as well, so I may have to be sharing a few photos from that part of the trip too!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WE have landed safely back in the NEST!

Last night was kinda crazy, as we were traveling back from a lovely vacation which included time with our family in Iowa and YUMMY sweet corn , Plus a relaxing several days on the most gorgeous Florida beaches!  Randy and I celebrated 27 years!!!  We got to take a very EXTENDED trip on the plane home-- with the storms in Dallas I am not sure how many times we circled before we had to divert to get gas in Austin TX.  It ended up with us LANDING back home a couple hours late, but luckily Gramp and Grams had it under control and everyone had a good time while we were gone!
We all had great stories to share, but the News from Ross was " Mom, we have to get up tomorrow morning to leave for the Movie Shoot AT 5:15 AM!!  IT was exciting news, however--- I had a full suitcase loaded with dirty swim suits and lotsa details of RE-Entry!  OH< well, THIS kid is a HOOT  - just like the picture says --and I just could not pass up the experience of hanging out with Ross as he was an extra in a movie they were shooting here in town.  WE had such an interesting day-- and will get to do another one tomorrow!!  This is a different film, but another wonderful opportunity-- so I guess when I get done being a STAGE mother---(heehee) I will unpack -- and get the sand outta the suitcase!