Saturday, September 11, 2010

Greeeeeen is the color!

We have a few apple trees on our yard, but each year, we really don't see improvement in Taste, or in size < so they end up being Dog food!!  Yes, Brooklyn loves to help herself and of course, she gets one for Pansy and Piper, too, and they all love to eat them like it's a treat!  Jensen is usually the one picking up the ones that have already fallen.  I think I need to try to "SWEETEN" them up a bit-- and maybe one year we will end up with Apple Crisp or Cobbler!  They are a pretty color to photograph!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day, Already???

It's September, People!!!  WOW!  That's allll I can say!  We enjoyed gorgeous weather and had a lovely and relaxing Labor Day weekend.  Sunday afternoon was so glorious, we decided to take Piper and Jensen on a little outing to Shady Lakes, a fishing spot near here.  We actually did not plan to fish-- just enjoy the lovely scenery and walk around watching the other people fish.  We will definitely go back to let Jensen get her hands on a fishin' pole, but we really just had fun enjoying the place.  Here's a few Keepers from the trip!  (these are not the big ones that got away!)