Saturday, December 4, 2010

WE Interrupt this HOLIDAY.......

We interrupt this Holiday for a quick post about my trip to Iowa for Thanksgiving.  I was looking thru my photos from our trip and found these that I had not done anything with yet.  I had to share these and the story behind it.  I grew up in small town Iowa on the edge of town-- and for more years than I can remember, this house has been dilapidated and falling over.  For some reason, it is not bull-dozed and probably houses more mice and creatures than live in the town itself.  The house is ususally buried in foliage--lots of trees, and bushes around it, but since we visited in November, the leaves and green were all gone.  Thanksgiving day was a sunny beautiful day, so for an adventure, I took Ross and Jensen over to the house-- for a cool photo shoot.  I tell you-- this house would make the BEST Halloween Haunted House.  I love these pics of my son, who is very into movies -- and all things theater-- so he had his "Acting" mind rolling while we took some pics.  They turned out so cool!

Friday, December 3, 2010

OH Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

The tree is finished and we are loving how the sparkle snow on the branches adds so much sparkle to the holiday!!  We are full speed ahead with all the preparations and gift making and giving.  I have WAY more ideas than time-- but Jensen and I are working at our Giving Plan!  So much fun and excitement.  I hope to post some of the things we are making very soon. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decorating and more decorating!!

 We have been decorating all over the house and EVEN the patio got some bling with our snowflakes and stars.  VERY festive!

Yesterday we started the countdown calendars and I so excited for this season of giving and celebrating!  We are always excited to put out our nativity and it sits in a special place in our living room right in front of the gorgeous welcome sign made by a cute designer named heidilynn. You can find her work at her etsy store called "totallyheidilynn".  Love this-- It WELCOMES baby Jesus--which is what the season is all about!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exciting News!!!

I have some exciting news straight from the TERESA Collins Design Team-- and YOU gotta visit Teresa's blog @   She is doing a fabulous giveaway everyday until Christmas and YOU gotta see the awesome projects there!!  It will totally inspire you to create and you could also WIN!!!!! 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Let the HOLIdays begin!!!!

Even though I love the season of Gratitude that Thanksgiving brings, I also look forward to decorating for Christmas on BLACK Friday!  Yes, while the haggling and standing in line is appealing at 4 AM (not), I opt for staying home and getting the house decked for Christmas.  I guess you could say it is tradition.  This year, as always, Jensen was a big help and we got it glitter-fied!!  I love the way it turned out -- we always try to do some different things - and I wanted to share a sneak peek.  I will post more as December goes on!!  Here's to Another season of Gratitude-- thankful that baby Jesus was born all those years ago to become our Savior!!!  I AM THANKful for that!!!