Friday, December 10, 2010

God's ART

Last night, I looked out my back window and HAD to run for the camera!  I am someone who just loves to see God at work in his ART studio-- our lovely world.  I took these shots-- and did NOTHING to them but CROP!  This kind of color is produced all over the internet with editing programs.   BUT--- THIS work is exactly the Work of our mighty CREATOR -- Nothing done to it.  He did it all by HIMSELF!  I love it when I take time to notice that kind of thing and it just makes me celebrate the CREATIVE and AWEsome God we serve.  These reminders are amazing!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today, our lovely and world traveler daughter Jocelyn returned safely back home after her semester in Uraguay!!  We are so thankful she had such great travels and a wonderful experience at ACU in Montevideo.  She told us it was strange to hear so much English being spoken in the airports, instead of the full-time Spanish they spoke abroad.  She is certainly ready to sleep-- but happy about her time there, and has tons of stories we have not heard yet.  WE are so proud of her!!!  This is her and her roomie, Michelle (right). She and her bestie, Kendyl, had a good LONG day of travel-- and big smiles when they arrived back in ABQ!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Elves have been busy....

WE are back to our regularly scheduled programming today=== to let you know "THE Elves" have been busy!  I have been creating some cards for the Teresa Collins Design team-- and if you have not been to her blog --- get over there to get inspired but also sign up for some awesome paper kits!!  Check out what she is
GIVING away today in her 25 days of GIVING!!  YOU can click on the link here on my blog (right side) to get there!!  Wonderful fun == and not to be missed!!
Speaking of giving.....   Jensen, my elf, has been creating all kinds of wonderful gifts.  This weekend, she had a great card project and is also busy making a list of gifts for her friends.  I made a little collage to share what she has been up to!  So exciting -- this time of year is so much fun -- and being a GIVER makes it such a blessing!!!