Saturday, January 8, 2011

The LENGTHS we go to

I just have to say "We go to great lengths around here to get a good photo!"  Yes, YOU are seeing my husband on top of a chair, on top of the dining room table yesterday - Hanging up a Project I made for the "Teresa Collins Design Team".  WE were desperately searching to find the perfect place to HANG what I had made to get the right picture of it to submit to some of the deadines we are working on right now.  The perfect spot was up high in my kitchen where the wall was white-- so up we climbed!!!  I can't share the project just yet-- but I am soooo excited for when Teresa's new lines are revealed -- YOU will all go crazy for the beautiful stuff we are working with-- it is AWESOME!  For now-- YOU can just see the "lengths we go to" to get the perfect photo!!!  Happy Saturday!