Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Boarding the ship in Miami with the Miami skyline behind!
 Sanctus REAL leading worship!
The Gorgeous Atlantis in the Bahamas 
 A gorgeous beach to hang out on

 One of our BEST sunsets

One of the Pirates we met in Key WEST
WOW!!!  Can't believe we are already back from our awesome Cruise!!  After the week of below zero temps here in Albuquerque the week before last, it was just amazing to end up in 79 degree weather in the Bahamas.  WE were so blessed to be able to cruise and enjoy so many wonderful Christian artists on the KLOVE cruise!!  We are huge fans of Christian music and this cruise was jam packed with so many of the artists we hear each day!  It is so much fun to see them live!!
  So -- here are some of the favorite photos == I had 1200 (no lie) photos when I got home-- so it was very hard to pick just these, but I may share a few more in the days to come!!! We were so blessed to go and RELAX and the sad news is:  no more mid-night buffet!!!