Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Countdown to Friday!!

We are all Disney Fans over here-- and we are especially excited for THIS!  Lemonade Mouth premiers on the Disney channel on Friday-- and we are hoping to catch a glimpse of Ross in it.   Last summer-- Disney was filming this movie here in Albuquerque and Ross got to be an extra!  He spent several days shooting alot of fun scenes and since he is a minor-- I had to go sit on-set along with lots of other moms while they were shooting.   It was such a fun experience for him-- and he even got to be some scenes where the STARS performed their new songs which we are hearing on the Disney channel with the commercials about Lemonade Mouth.  He had such fun-- and now it will be so much fun to watch since we were there and saw how they shot things.  I hope he got in at least a couple shots and I am sure we will see lots of kids we know.  
Tune in!!  It is going to be AWESOME!