Saturday, April 16, 2011

Disney RECAP

Last night was a very exciting night as my husband, Jensen and I got to watch the Premier of Disney's new movie "Lemonade Mouth".   We have been waiting since last summer when Ross got to be an extra for this movie to come out on Disney.   Ross actually had an out of town Track meet, so he was not home for this Momentus occasion-- but we all watched and texted him whenever we saw him on the screen!!
We spotted him in several places.  If you get a chance to watch it-- he is in the scene where they are walking thru the basement where all the "clubs"  are -- and he is directly behind  the stars  walking down the hall--- he is in the Art club..  Then  at the Halloween dance, the principal and the teacher are standing at a cauldron talking and he is behind them-- so when they move-- he is in plain sight!!  At that point, he had his monster costume "head" off- so we saw his face!!!  Ross enjoyed being able to see that Halloween dance music being filmed and even learning choreography for the one where the kids are all holding Lemonade.   Lots of fun memories for Ross and such a great movie!!