Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lots to catch up on!!

June has flown by sooo fast and I have not had time to update the blog!  So -- today I am sharing some of the highlights!  We had so much fun at a friend's wedding a couple weeks ago.  It was an absolutely gorgeous garden wedding - and so much fun to see Ethan and Anie marry.  We have known this family for many years and now they are all grown up and marrying!!  WOW!  Such a beautiful bride!

This is such a cute shot I took of the Bride and Groom after the ceremony!

Next-- We had a RARE opportunity to photograph a litter of 6 week old Lab puppies!  A friend of mine knew Jensen would love to see them and play with them, so when her husband went to take a family photo of them, we were invited.  Of course, I had to share some of my own shots.

 Believe me, it was sheer pandamonium trying to line up 8 little labs for photos.  We had at least 9 adults there-- wow- they totally wore us out.  BUT the end result was this adorable photo we found the idea for on Pinterest.  
Jensen had a ball playing and Corraling them!!