Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holidays were such a blessing

Hello friends-- today is my "Get Reorganized" day and I wanted to share some of our holiday happenings!

Friday was a very fun event we had at our house for our kids friends!  This year we decided to do an "outreach" type of party and get all the kids friends to participate!  We hosted a cookie and punch open house and asked each of the invited to bring supplies for the HOMELESS shelter here.  WE had an overwhelming response and the day was so much fun to see everyone and celebrate together!
Jensen and Ava were in charge of packing the bags and they turned out to be over-flowing!!!  It was a great problem to have to need larger bags!  We even got to expand to add 12 more bags than originally planned!!

The van was packed full of toiletries, snacks, water, blankets, and etc.

We delivered all these goodies to the shelter on Christmas Eve. morning!
Such a blessing to Them -- AND US!!

 Christmas eve was our traditional candlelight service at church and dinner out!  DELICIOUS!!  Then we open some family gifts at home!!!
The weekend was just a fantastic one-- and we all wish you a Happy and Healthy 2012!!~