Saturday, January 8, 2011

The LENGTHS we go to

I just have to say "We go to great lengths around here to get a good photo!"  Yes, YOU are seeing my husband on top of a chair, on top of the dining room table yesterday - Hanging up a Project I made for the "Teresa Collins Design Team".  WE were desperately searching to find the perfect place to HANG what I had made to get the right picture of it to submit to some of the deadines we are working on right now.  The perfect spot was up high in my kitchen where the wall was white-- so up we climbed!!!  I can't share the project just yet-- but I am soooo excited for when Teresa's new lines are revealed -- YOU will all go crazy for the beautiful stuff we are working with-- it is AWESOME!  For now-- YOU can just see the "lengths we go to" to get the perfect photo!!!  Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Doodle - E - Doodle - E DOOOOO

We have this little song we sing around the house --"Doodle-E-doodle - E doooo" to our dogs because they are Golden Doodles!!  This song got stuck in my head last night while working in my Craft Room -- and these Doodles were hanging out with us like they do most nights!  We have 3 dogs (Pansy is a Shih-Tzu) and they play Round Robin with their rawhide while we work on being creative!   I had to share some of the cute shots I got of them -- now mind you, it's not the BEST and brightest room in our house== but these photos are just tooo Doooooodle -EEEE  -- it captures them to a tee. 
Brooklyn (blonde and super dooper mellow) is always working at getting someone to pet her-- which is why she is such an awesome therapy dog who loves our weekly outings to the nursing home.  She is pictured here wondering why her dad has stopped the petting.  
And if you ever feel like you are having a BAD hair day-- just think of PIPER and her tight little knots of curls and YOU will feel so much better!  She is a RED-HEAD thru and thru and has the energy of the Energizer bunny!! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Putting Away 2010

For several years now, I have been making a scrapbooking calendar to document the months and to MAKE myself scrapbook Each and every month-- (it's not like you have to twist my arm).  I use anything that happens during that month or anything that reminds me of the MONTH even if it's older photos. I have loved doing this and this morning, I dug out the NEW 2011 one I will be starting-- and took down the 2010 one.  I looked back at all we did in 2010-- documented by the calendar, and it was a very nice reflection!!  Here's some of the pages I did! It will be fun to look at these in 10 years and see how our daily schedules have changed.
 Blessings for YOUR New Year!!