Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend UPDATE!

Us New Mexicans are getting thru the COLD snap we had and have a promise of some warmer temps coming this week--- boy it is sad when 30 sounds warmer, huh?? We do not wish to keep this cold any longer. My good news is that I am will soon be on a very nice BEACH in the Bahamas, so this weekend is Packing and tomorrow I will be jetting out to go on the KLOVE Cruise!!  So super dooper excited -- even more excited than the Super Bowl fans that I get to fly tomorrow!!  Atlantis Here we come!!!
But before we go-- we are lucky to get to see Ross and his friends get ready for Winter Ball which is tonight.  Ross decided to order take-out with 9 of his friends and they will be eating at our house.  Ross had Grandma Verone help him set the table and they made it look very spiffy!! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is this WHITE stuff called???

After a gorgeous WARM January (as January goes) what is this white stuff MOM??  Piper is wondering where this came from.  She has not yet had her first bday, so she has no idea what this white stuff is all over the lawn.  Jen is happy to have a snow day-- and I love the photography opportunity -- But that is All I love about the snow!  Mostly -- just an inconvenience-- but luckily they are projecting better weather later  in the week-- so for now-- just thaw out the dogs and get a hot chocolate!!