Saturday, August 20, 2011

Extreme HOME makeover: College Edition

Well, those of you who saw the Paris makeover we did the week before last in Jen's room know that I love to tackle a dingy wall with some fresh paint.  This week, we had another HOME makeover in Jocelyn's college rental house.  After getting the 2 young ones in school on Tuesday, (I have a midschooler and a senior now!)
Jocelyn and I hit the road for a trip to her college in Texas.  8 hours later-- we were ready for some fun!!! Here's the before:
She is so lucky to be moving into a home with 4 of the coolest girls - such a great bunch!!!  They each have a bedroom and there are 2 baths and kitchen, laundry, dining room and living room.  VERY darling older little house..  I love a BLANK pallet and you know I have lots of home decor items, so this was amazing fun for me!  I brought  a few contributions for Jocelyn's room and the rest of the house.  The whole place has been freshly painted and it's adorable!!! Here are some photos of Jocelyn's New and improved room!!

 This little house has such charm-- built in bookcases and old wood!!

We even added some great black touches to the cute PINK bathroom tile!!  I had a great time- and we both love how this new place looks!!  All ready for college to start next week!! 
 The kitchen is so pretty with the green paint and the chalkboard frames the girls added to send notes to one another!!  SWEET!
I had this old window at home and decided they could use it in their living room.  I think they will add some photos to it or art work-- So fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look at this!

I wanted to share a link to an event for 2012 hosted by one of my colleagues on the Teresa Collins Design team.  Laura is ultra-talented and has a new website fo her event in Italy in 20121!!  CHECK IT OUT :

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sharing some of the India Journey

 Here's some of my favorite pictures from Jocelyn and Randy's India trip.  They did an awesome job of taking lots of photos to share the story of what happened with us!  There are really tooo many to load on the blog- but just some of my favorites here.  Randy tries to help out with medical checkups for the kids at the Haven school they visit.
Got a kick out of this one-- SEE if you can find the one little one who is NOT praying!!! Sooo cute!  Jocelyn wanted to bring them all home with her.
 Jocelyn likes it when the high school age girls at the school do Henna on her arms and hands!!!
Meeting with some more people at another school.

There are many many more gorgeous pics from India which may be for another time.
On to the Next part of the Journey!  Jocelyn got to celebrate her 20th Birthday a few days early in LONDON!!!!  On their way home from India, they decided to layover for a couple days in London!  Isn't that a TERRIBLE place to have to celebrate??  (not).  Here are a few pics I loved from that part of the trip.