Friday, November 11, 2011

WE interrupt this THANKFUL Stuff for:

This Thankful-ness actually continues......  But my blogging will be interrupted in the very nicest of ways!  I will be  out on a Sailing adventure with NO technology- so I'll have to catch up on being super thankful after my trip!
I will have tons more to be Thankful for after Disney pampers me this week with the Buffets, days on the Beach and some fireworks!  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Thankful!!

I look so forward to Thursdays  because it's our Pet Therapy Day!!  Firstly I am such a lover of Old People-- and second I am such a lover of Dogs-- so the combination makes my heart Sing!!  Brooklyn came to our family 4 years ago and she was Always such a Sensitive and Loving dog.  She has a sense about people== and with her disposition, she makes an amazing Therapy Dog.  Each week, I take her to a nursing home and we visit the residents.  She has so many favorites, and they absolutely love her!  She even knows which rooms have doggie treats in their drawers for her.  These pics were taken of her wearing her Frog costume for Halloween -- and it shows her in action at the facility.  She loves to plant her face in their laps when we tell her to give a "HUG".  I am so thankful that I get to do this fun activity each week-- I certainly blesses me every time I go! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful for: CREATIVITY

Today's Thankfulness is for something that I have been blessed by!  I get to play with all kinds of amazing paper and goodies designed by Teresa Collins.  This past year I have had the privilege of being on her design team!  Today, my project is featured on the Team Blog!  It's been such fun to CREATE and I am sooo thankful God gave me ART in my life!!  You can see my creation at:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gratitude = Giving

As we roll along in my "Attitude of Gratitude" month- I am reminded how blessed we are here in America.  I know we take all this for granted, but each year when Operation Christmas Child comes around-- we are so Thankful to be able to share what we have with some Children across the world who need it so much more than we do.  Our school always participates, as does our church, and we love to get to send some Shoeboxes!  Yesterday was the BIG shopping trip and Jensen is a great helper!!  She gets excited about this project each year, and now she is old enough to prepare the boxes for the kids.  She made handmade Christmas cards, too to stuff along with the toys.  Here is a photo of some of our shoeboxes-- she has more to do today- but it gives me great joy when I think of these kids opening our box -- and finding Christmas!!!  Check out to send some smiles to kids all over the world!!  It's gonna warm your Heart!