Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 == LAST DAY

Well, I am in denial that 2012 is on it's way out!  It was a fantastic year= filled with lots of wonder and amazing things!  We are very blessed to have traveled alot, graduated another kid from Highschool, and were blessed beyond measure.  I will miss 2012!  But I am also excited for a fresh start= and every year when the new year rolls around, I look forward to all the new things I can do and I can set some new goals!  I pray that all of you have a very Blessed NEW YEAR and that you are excited to see what God has in store for YOU!!
Jocelyn helping with food prep

Jen has all the goodies ready!!  It's Sugar town

Thanks to Pinterest for the idea to have a Mashed Potato bar! It was a huge hit!

this is the only camera shot of my van loaded to the hilt this morning to take the donations.  The Bags were full of good gifts!
I wanted to share a few pics from last night!  We hosted a party last night that benefits JOY Junction- the homeless shelter here.  We invited a ton of friends and asked them to bring donations of personal items, blankets, Bibles, sox, and lots more.  The party was a huge success again this year- and what a blessing to be able to deliver those 20 huge bags today to the shelter.  I know with all the homeless they serve, they will use all we gave and I say a huge Thanks to all our friends who helped us bless the shelter.  We had a fun evening seeing lots of friends and making a difference to the homeless. Here are a few shots- not too great pics because I was busy being a hostess - but here are a few!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Wish for YOU

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Hoping you had YOURSELF a Merry Little Christmas today!  My family had a wonderful Christmas eve celebrating Jesus Birthday and today was a lovely relaxing Christmas day together just enjoying some down time.   Our wish for YOU and this whole World is PEACE.   We have so much crazy going on in the world-- it's a place that really needs the PEACE of Jesus.  That's our hope for you and the rest of the world in this coming year.  Blessings....

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Paradise Photos = gotta share

Classic Atlantis shot- we love this beach across the Lagoon - it's our favorite one!! 

ending of a day - relaxing and loving the shine on the water

Photo from our balcony- you can see the cruise ships parked in between those 2 steeples.  One is the Disney cruise!!! 

Fabulous Architecture everywhere!!

Horse fountain-- it's HUGE

We saw lots of different Gorgeous Christmas trees- it helped a bit even though the temps were in the 80s and everyone is in a swimsuit!

Highlight of the trip -- got to go to Dolphin Cay!

So many gorgeous places for photos at Atlantis
Well, I am definitely back in Christmas land- after a wonderful trip to Paradise.  Got a chance to go thru my many many photos and wanted to show a few!  There are many many more=so maybe have to save a few more for AFTER we celebrate Jesus' birthday!

Oh yes-- I did kiss this cute BOY

This was soooo awesome- the dolphins were sooo sweet

gorgeous day for a day with the dolphins

Time for a treat!

These are just a few of our many shots!  It was an awesome trip and we are now excited to be back to our Family and ready to celebrate the REASON for the SEASON== the birth of Jesus Christ!!!  Have a lovely celebration!! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello from Paradise!

I have not had time to sort thru all my photos yet!  Been too busy RELAXING!!!!  We are enjoying the awesome Atlantis!   It is such a top notch experience and we love being able to enjoy paradise a week before Christmas!   Just wanted to share a couple pix I did get- and the rest will have to wait!
Yesterday we got to do a Dolphin Interaction at Dolphin Cay--it was Fantastic!!1  More photos of this to come!!  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happening NOW!

Well, we interrupt this Holiday season to take a little detour!!  I am knee deep in holiday wrapping, and gift making, the College kids are home and we are in full Christmas decor here.  BUT tomorrow, my husband and I get to take a little detour to enjoy a little trip to the Atlantis!!  Here is what we have to look forward to:

Paradise defined!

All decked for Christmas

Going to pet some dolphins this week!

We feel very blessed to get to go for some Husband and Wife time- and in this magical place!!  I'll let you know.....
Check back for a full report!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Again?????

I don't know where the WEEK goes!!  I feel like we just had Monday and now = we are at Friday again!  There are not too many Fridays left in 2012.  I can not even account for all we have done this year-- I guess I am happy I scrapbook- I can look back and remember!  It's all a blurr----
Today I have the Christmas music blasting and I look outside and it is so gorgeous!  I was in Phoenix last weekend and it was also gorgeous-- so it feels like maybe October.  NOT Christmas!!!
I am wrapping up a storm today- thankfully done shopping and it is always fun for me to WRAP!  It's kinda  like ART!  So looking forward to it.
I will share some decoration highlights today!  My tree is a new theme this year and new colors (so as not to get bored :)

Hoping your Friday is filled with lots of Holiday prep and cheer!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December TREATS

Not a bad way to spend the First weekend in December!!!
My friends in Phoenix!!! Girl time extraordinaire

Yes, Dear-- there is a Heaven on Earth
Oh my goodness People:  It's December!!!  Wow- it's upon us!!!  I had such a treat this weekend by getting to go to Phoenix to take a class and shop and have a spa day to celebrate my Friend Debbie's birthday!  Here are my Instagram Pix with the highlights!!!

Shopping and Our Class with Debby Schuh!!  We made adorable projects!!!  I also got to see an old stamping friend who used to come to my house In Albuquerque all the time!  Great to see YOU Jennifer!!!

these are my SPA day pix!  We celebrated Debbie's birthday with a  day at the Aji Spa-- totally pampered and  hanging out at the pool.  Had to include Debbie's greeter- Roxy-- she is so cute!!!
It was just a wonderful time!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can't let go of FALL

She's on a mission

Piper the HYPER is always happy to go on a walk

Dad is really good at making a big PILE


Piper is almost the same color as the leaves

The berries are sooo pretty
Even though it is Falalalala time-- and I have the Snowflakes and Sparkle all over the house-- I can't ignore the Fantastic Fall weather we still have!  Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Jensen and I worked hard to get all "Christmas-y" at our house-- but Around Sunday Afternoon-- we had to take a little break and bounce back to FALL!  The day was splendid and we could not resist taking the Dog and the Rake down the street to our nearby park.  Here's some of the lovely LEAF pics we got on our little "BREAK".

Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Here's a little slideshow of our trip to NYC!! I could not choose just a few pics to share -so a slideshow is the next best thing!!  Enjoy!!  WE SURE DID!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings

This is one of my favorite days!   I plan to cherish it!! I love making a turkey dinner and smelling it cooking all afternoon!  We hang out and watch the Macy's parade and chill in our jammies!   We have relaxing to do!  We really should all remember our blessings EVERYday!  Live with an Attitude of Gratitude!
I am actually very disappointed that Thanksgiving is getting pushed out the door quickly by the stores thinking they need to be open and selling Christmas on this ONE day that we take to be Thankful.  WE have so much here in the USA and it saddens me we can't even take one simple day to be Thankful- without having to go accumulate MORE!  I will not be partaking in giving up Thanksgiving-- I feel so blessed by all I have and by having a healthy family.
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We just need to REALIZE this everyday-- Thankful Hearts!! Blessings to all of you and yours on this awesome day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Packing my BAGS!

Today is a busy day full of last minute stuff!  I am so excited the day has finally come to pack for the BIG Apple!  My friend, Lyn who is my traveling buddy arrives tonight from Tucson so that we can leave bright and early for our trip to NYC!!!!!  We have been planning this trip together for quite a  long time.  It was our replacement for our annual trip to Creative Escape which had their last event last year.  WE are so excited to be a part of a group led by Debby Schuh - one of our favorite scrapbooking teachers.   She is an extreme traveler and takes a group of about 25 to NYC each November to shop -and scrapbook and see all the lights!!! (of course,this year-- not everyone in the city has lights!!!)  It will be so much fun and interesting to see the storm's effects.

will make it seem like the holidays!

Been dying to see this one on broadway!
We have lots of fun planned and the weekend will be jampacked with sights and sounds!!
We get to take a special class in the famous Tinsel Trading Store and make this little fun thing:

Debby Schuh's creation for the awesome trip!

Will keep- you posted with all my travels when we get back!  Looking so forward to this adventure!  I enjoyed our family trip to NYC so much so it will be wonderful to get back there!