Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 !! YAHOO!!! here we go......

2011 was a very good year here, but let me tell you- I am always so jazzed to start a FRESH new year.  Not sure what it is..... new journal... new goals.... holiday rush over.... or what- but I LOVE a new YEAR!!! January is a great time to start new things and that is exactly what I want to do!!  MY ONE little word for this year (taking a BPS class with Ali Edwards) IS:  
EXTRAordinary!!  That is what I hope to be in 2012!!
We enjoyed so many blessings in 2011 - and we look forward to so many things coming in 2012!

2012 will be a big year for Ross- who is going to be graduating!!  Can not believe that!! He did lots of work this week getting ready for a fantastic New Year's Eve Dance put on by the School's Cheerleaders.  It was a benefit for "Meager Rations" the school's mission organization.  They had a fantastic location donated to them to have their party  and it turned out awesome!!
They raised lots of money for the cause and danced the night away under the twinkle lights!  I am sure I will post some more dance decor photos later on this week.
Jensen and I went down to visit the location and I got some cute pics of her in her TERESA Collins Party hat I made for her!!!  It was super easy to make with the "Sophisticated" cartridge and of course, some blingage!
I hope everyone had a safe and awesome celebration last night- and that you are excited to start 2012!!!
Should be a fantastic year!