Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas BREAK Creativity

School is BACK in session today!!!!  Yep - this cruise director is celebrating!!  BUT I will say - it's so nice to have a 12 year old who loves to CREATE things like I do!  We made tons of cool gifts, and treats this holiday season for friends and family -- BUT there was ONE special thing we wanted to make -- and it got saved until AFTER!!  WE had seen these darling snowglobes on PINTEREST (our daily  GO-to place for ideas) and we Just HAD to make them.  We decided they are a great "Winter" gift!!  Here's a layout I made with the pics from our GLITTER session!  We have used alot of glitter and snow- and they are just darling!!   Be sure to click on the photo so it gets bigger -you will see how cute they are!