Sunday, January 8, 2012

Exercise Creativity

I am so happy we have dogs!!  Our dogs are just so much fun-- and they give us alot of joy and Mostly I am thankful that we have them because they require exercise- and because of that--- WE get exercise.  There are not too many days of the week that we don't take them for a walk, or to the park, or somewhere to burn off some steam.  Piper (aka "The Redhead") is not quite 2 and wow-- she NEEDS a walk every single day (for sure)!!   She is HYPER PIPER and this morning I found she had gotten out of her kennel by herself and was heading to the pantry to get herself some oatmeal when I found her. She is able to open the door of her kennel from the inside -- by who knows what method.  I have to keep it clothes-pinned shut. 
Anyway- Now to the real story---  I was a busy girl yesterday-- so since I had no time to walk dogs-- I decided to get CREATIVE with Piper's Exercise.  Jensen loves to ride her scooter-- so I decided she could ride with Piper tied on - and the exercise thing would be handled!!  It Worked!  Jen scootered long enough to get Piper a little less HYPer!