Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This weekend was packed with several things= but had to share a highlight or two.  Firstly  - my dear Husband made me some awesome new shelves.  I had seen this idea in a magazine- and Randy was able to re-create these shelves made out of vintage suitcases.  They turned out sooo adorable.!  They are such a fun idea!  Next, we got a call from Frank Frost - who said we could pick up Ross' Senior Pictures.  Perfect timing- because I was ready to hang them with my new shelves.  I totally LOVE how his pictures came out!  They very much show his personality and it will document how Ross was one of the Yearbook editors for his high school this year.   
Another highlight was having Ross' friends over for dinner before Winterball.  Ross had 16 friends come for a catered dinner- and they had an awesome time before going to their Dance. 
Here are a few of his friends.  We are having all kinds of "LASTS" and this is his last Winterball.  Sounds like they had a great night- and lots of fun.  All these memories!!!
Next, we got up early Sunday to leave for a quick trip for scholarship interviews in Abilene TX.   Ross' sister Jocelyn goes to Abilene Christian U in Abilene and yesterday, Ross had his interviews for the Presidential scholarship.   We drove all day Sunday and had dinner with Jocy and her housemates. It was so much fun to see their house and visit with them.  The interview was on Monday, and mid=afternoon we headed back = so another 8 hours in the car.  Whew!!  quick trip!
I was happy when we drove in the driveway at 10:45 PM!