Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine recap

What a lovely week we have had of Valentine festivities!!  I had to share a few of these events!  Last weekend, We had Brooklyn's 5th Birthday to celebrate.  She is our Big teddy bear and the BEST dog - and it is our tradition to take the dogs to 3 Dog Bakery on their special day to pick out a PUP cake or a Pup tart !  The bakery has adorable treats and also Peanut butter ice cream -- so it's a wonderful celebration!

Jensen also spent the weekend getting her Valentines ready for her friends!  After school on Valentines day, she arrived with all her loot and we proceeded to bake some cupcakes to deliver to our neighbors.  Jen loves to bake and she is a great help in the kitchen.  She may have to work for Cake Boss someday!!
After dinner on Valentine's day, we had a lovely Chocolate Fondue party and exchanged our family Valentines!

The day after Valentine's Day, we woke up to this!!  The girls would rather be inside-- and the kids thought "Snow Day"  but as usual, snow doesn't stay long here -- (I am so happy) and off they went to school!