Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awesome Blessing!

Those of you who actually know me- know I am such a huge Christian music FAN!  We have a Christian radio station playing all day long in our home and in our cars.  I love the songs, and they inspire me with my Daily Walk!  This music has been in the background of our life for as long as we have been married.   I love it that it is implanted in my kids heads.   Even though they are normal Teens and they listen to some secular music-- I know that they will remember this Christian music influence and keep in in their hearts as they grow up and pursue the life God has for them.  The music out there today is full of lots of nasty and ugly talk- and I want my kids to be able to know the truth - and also to ERASE the crap out of their minds by filtering in the TRUTH!

  It is always such a treat when we get to hear a live concert-- and Last night we got to go to Sanctus Real!!!  I had the opportunity along with about 30 40 people to have a Question and Answer time before the concert!

Randy and I had so much fun at the concert and this band blessed us so much with their testimonies and their awesome music!   
I feel really Blessed!!!