Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Graduation festivities!!

Well, ITS definitely graduation festivities in full swing!  This week includes the Yearbook Assembly (Ross was one of the editors this year) and the end of the Year Track Banquet and The Last Chapel service for Seniors.  The Seniors are all doing Internships this month- for the last month of school and Ross has been having so much fun doing his with a photographer!  Learning alot!!!  Only a few more days left of that and this coming weekend they will be heading out for Senior Trip to Florida!  Days at the beach, Disney, Universal and lots of fun will be had by the 86 that are going!!  

Last night was a really fun evening for Ross-- included in his Grad celebration was HIS version of a grad party.  Instead of the usual party in the back yard with friends and family, Ross wanted to do something different.  We were totally fine with this-- so last night he had His party.  
The whole gang

 Ross is blessed by this awesome group of friends-- these are all such wonderful kids he has grown up with.   They got to take a LIMO to Santa Fe and have a fancy dinner on the Patio of an awesome restaurant.  They were totally spoiled and the Report is that everyone had a wonderful time!!!  This was a super easy grad party and we think Ross enjoyed his party very much!!!
I think he might get dropped!!

Taking off in the LIMO