Sunday, May 27, 2012

Such a great Time!!!

Such a sentimental time, such an exciting time, such a whirlwind time, such a fast paced time-- YOU got it: GRADUATION!  We had a wonderful time this last week with all the graduation festivities and are still partying this weekend with lots of events.  I had to post a few of our favorite shots!
Randy's parents and sisters
It was a blessing to have Randy's family here to celebrate with us.  Of course, we missed having my family here-- but the company really made it special.

 We got a few family pix during the day before graduation - and then had a lovely friend and family luncheon at BRAVO - one of Ross' favorite restaurants!

The graduates - Ross and Caleb
The day was really fun and ended with Commencement at Calvary Chapel.  It was so wonderful and well-done.  It gave me goosebumps when the Faculty all gathered around the Class of 2012 and Prayed over them!!  We are so blessed to have been at Hope Christian!!!  With God being taken out of school through out the nation- it has been such a wonderful thing for our kids to Be Blessed by Prayer, and Bible study thru their schooling.  It has been so extraordinary and we are thankful!
The teachers and administration are dedicated people who definitely are not paid enough - and are working as a ministry to the kids who go to Hope.

switching the tassle!!!
We are so proud of Ross and his friends - and look forward to seeing how God leads him into this new chapter of LIFE!!