Friday, July 27, 2012

I love this Challenge...

Here's the OLD
Anyone who knows me knows I love the challenge of decorating a room!  I love PAINT!!!  I love all the cool things you can do to make a room look amazingly different.   I am sharing the REVEAL of my new powder-room.   Basically, the room next to it and the hallway leading to it was getting new Tile - So of course, the powder-room needed to be re-done also! Yay!!  I am very happy with the new tile in there and I think my Design turned out awesome!  My only regret is that my instagram of the OLD color wasn't a bigger "BEFORE" photo!  Oh, well, you get the idea-- Pink and brown is Gone-- and HellO Happy GREEN!
Here's my new cute vanity!  swoon!   Yes, this powderroom is a small one :)

Book Paper border and my friend Mr. Mod Podge

The border is Hap-hazard and lots of different antique book papers

I even found some book paper I had Printed some birds on ! 

After the border dried- I added some frames, and dimensions elements on top.

And a few cute decorations!

So excited for my project to be done and it makes me so HAPPY to see it !!  Now-- my NEXT project:
PACK for the BEACH!
Stay tuned for some beach photos- a week of rest and relaxin" is next.....