Friday, August 17, 2012

Let's take a TOUR

Before the Tour........ I have a little update:
This week has been full of lots of things going on with Jensen starting school and enjoying a visit from friends from Arizona!  We had such a great time with Lyn and Bob and got all caught up as they traveled thru Albuquerque.  We have had a tradition of seeing each other each August at an event- and this is the first year the event is not happening, so it was great she was able to come my way and we got to visit.

Now for the Tour...  (what tour, you ask?)
I am taking a tour of our yard- it was the backdrop of lots of shots this week:
Jensen had to pick Apples:
Not the BEST crop but we did make a yummy crockpot full of apples with cinnamon!
on her tip toes to reach
Next, we have some Dogs who liked the Apples-- they have lots that are on the ground and too small to eat- so the dogs like to play fetch with them and chew on them!

You can see what happened to Brooklyn's apple and what her actions were!! 
 Had to show my lovely Hollyhock- again- a tour of the yard...
And Lastly-- sunflowers remind me of late summer- we have tons of tall ones in the yard- They certainly make me so HAPPY! 
Thanks for coming on the tour!