Monday, August 27, 2012

The Launch

To Launch means:  to release, catapult or send off!!   I am not sure about the catapult -- but LAUNCH is a word I heard alot this last week in San Diego where we took our son, Ross to college!   I like this word-- Launch kinda reminds me of Balloons or hot air balloons - which here in New Mexico are very gorgeous and the whole experience is very Fun and Exciting!  I think the word Launch matches this process very well-- we have Launched our son-- it happened this last weekend!!!
Warning:  I have lots of pix here:
Here's the HOPE kids attending PLNU (minus Cheyenne)  These kids are an awesome group
We started out the week by a couple tourist days with Sherri and Arren - our friends.  We visited the San Diego Zoo and the BEACH

Here we are at the San Diego Zoo with a car load looking like they are moving into the dorms:)
This family of giraffes was awesome-- looks like they have KIDs like we do!!
Here we are at the dorms -- they are very nice and comfortable for Ross- he fit everything nicely in his space!!
This water and cliff are not too far from a boys dorm on campus - I can see how they might major in Surfing!
This was the welcoming crew who sang and celebrated each new freshman who arrived-- we felt super welcome and yes, they unloaded the car for us!!!  AMAZING!!
 The president in the amphiteater during orientation  Such a gorgeous place to have a meeting or church
Resource fair -- lots to get involved in!!!

A very special service of covenant with our student on Saturday night-- we were very blessed!!!

Yes the dorm is equipped with a LOUNGE where the surfboards are stored-- how cool is that???  Bet that wall will be full by the time the upperclassmen move in!

Sunday was a FUN day for Randy and I since orientation was over and Ross was clearly settled and excited by his new school!!  We had a lovely day in Sea World before returning HOME!
I'd say the Launch went really well-- and yes, it's strange without my boy in his room...   The room is kinda lonely without him!!!