Monday, September 24, 2012

Alpaca Adventure

Jensen loved getting up close for pictures

Alpacas????? yes-- Alpacas!!  Last Sunday with the weather being so wonderful and gorgeous- we thought we needed to take a little trip to the Jemez mountain area.  It was a glorious roadtrip and we stopped for some Indian fry bread and drove up the mountain enjoying the beautiful scenery.  We knew  of an Alpaca farm up in the mountains, so we decided to check it out.  Animal lovers that we are-- it was very interesting to us.  We had a marvelous tour and lovely time at the farm.   Jensen and I took lots of photos and we could get up close to the fun and VERY calm animals.  So interesting!!!

this baby had been born the day we went.  She weighed only 13 pounds.   Very small and cute - very tame

Dental Work???? Braces???? I also love the hairdo!!

Awesome dog here- laying on her back for a bellyrub-- couldn't resist that smile!

Gorgeous stream in the mountains

Loved these fences

Here's another baby and I love the shadows telling the story
We loved our adventure and highly recommend it to anyone who loves the mountains!!!