Saturday, October 13, 2012

Colors Everywhere!

Today was another Mass Ascension at the Balloon Fiesta!  We slept in-- but when we did wake up- we stepped outside and it was a glorious sight! The Balloons we heading our direction today based on the wind currents- so we were in for a Big treat! I have lots of awesome shots from my own backyard!
lovely sights overhead

Isn't this just amazing! 

I had never seen this little character before - but look how cute his  glasses are== they have balloons in the reflection! 
I wish I could have seen the front of this one- but how adorable is this??? 

 Look at how big the basket is on this one-- holds 10 passengers!
This lady actually said Hello to me from the basket- they were super close!!!

This morning's gorgeous Color Show was at my back yard, but tonight we had time to head to the Balloon Field to go see the Balloon Glow.  It is the night event and it is also alot of fun!  We got in there late- so we did not see TONS of balloons doing the glow- but we got a few pix of some awesome ones!! It is alot of fun and the weather could not have been more gorgeous tonight.

lovely Yellow

Fireworks after the Balloon Glow== wow!
I loved all the gold sparkle here! 
Loved this shot= I shoot Nikon -and it looks like an advertisement for them!!!
Had a wonderful time and Highly recommend the Balloon Fiesta!