Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can't let go of FALL

She's on a mission

Piper the HYPER is always happy to go on a walk

Dad is really good at making a big PILE


Piper is almost the same color as the leaves

The berries are sooo pretty
Even though it is Falalalala time-- and I have the Snowflakes and Sparkle all over the house-- I can't ignore the Fantastic Fall weather we still have!  Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Jensen and I worked hard to get all "Christmas-y" at our house-- but Around Sunday Afternoon-- we had to take a little break and bounce back to FALL!  The day was splendid and we could not resist taking the Dog and the Rake down the street to our nearby park.  Here's some of the lovely LEAF pics we got on our little "BREAK".