Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gotta LOVE the fall

Yes, it's official-- and has been for a long time-- FALL is my very favorite season!!  I am always and forever looking for opportunities to photograph this awesome season, and today was another one.  We needed some fresh air and it was an amazing fall day, so we headed to the Rio Grande where we love to walk dogs and enjoy the beauty.  I now wish I had taken my REAL camera (as I call it) but I was pretty happy with these that my little point and shoot did!
Todays' sky was just perfect

Who doesn't want to walk and enjoy this?

Color POP-- God's  style

I am in love with this!!!  These colors!! swoon
Randy and Jen and the dogs headed to the Rio

This is UN-edited-- just cropped

Amber waves of grain-- that is what came to mind when I saw this!
We are so blessed to enjoy gorgeous weather - especially in the wake of the Hurricane and all it's damage.  I am THANKFUL and keep prayers going for all those affected.