Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hanging on to the LAST

Last Roses in the garden look like this-- it's even pretty when dying!
I have been a little delinquent this week on my Blogging due to a little setback of the FLU early this week=== who knew??? I am so blessed to be healthy all the time- ususally feel terrific== but wow - that was not the case on Monday and Tuesday!  It knocks you out-- so I am slowly on the rise!  Getting geared up for a fun trip with a friend this coming week and trying to wrap up some last minute projects!
Today, the weather is turning blustery- and cooler - and I am not Excited!!!   I was hanging on to the LAST days of fall by photographing all the gorgeous leaves- etc... So enjoy my Park photoshoot with Jen and our dogs! 

Okay Pansy!  she wanted to be in the photo too!

Piper (otherwise know as Piper the Hyper - who is lucky she is soooo cute!)  

Found some apples that had fallen

Look at the lovely lovely colors on this wall! (without Pansy)