Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Packing my BAGS!

Today is a busy day full of last minute stuff!  I am so excited the day has finally come to pack for the BIG Apple!  My friend, Lyn who is my traveling buddy arrives tonight from Tucson so that we can leave bright and early for our trip to NYC!!!!!  We have been planning this trip together for quite a  long time.  It was our replacement for our annual trip to Creative Escape which had their last event last year.  WE are so excited to be a part of a group led by Debby Schuh - one of our favorite scrapbooking teachers.   She is an extreme traveler and takes a group of about 25 to NYC each November to shop -and scrapbook and see all the lights!!! (of course,this year-- not everyone in the city has lights!!!)  It will be so much fun and interesting to see the storm's effects.

will make it seem like the holidays!

Been dying to see this one on broadway!
We have lots of fun planned and the weekend will be jampacked with sights and sounds!!
We get to take a special class in the famous Tinsel Trading Store and make this little fun thing:

Debby Schuh's creation for the awesome trip!

Will keep- you posted with all my travels when we get back!  Looking so forward to this adventure!  I enjoyed our family trip to NYC so much so it will be wonderful to get back there!