Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Again?????

I don't know where the WEEK goes!!  I feel like we just had Monday and now = we are at Friday again!  There are not too many Fridays left in 2012.  I can not even account for all we have done this year-- I guess I am happy I scrapbook- I can look back and remember!  It's all a blurr----
Today I have the Christmas music blasting and I look outside and it is so gorgeous!  I was in Phoenix last weekend and it was also gorgeous-- so it feels like maybe October.  NOT Christmas!!!
I am wrapping up a storm today- thankfully done shopping and it is always fun for me to WRAP!  It's kinda  like ART!  So looking forward to it.
I will share some decoration highlights today!  My tree is a new theme this year and new colors (so as not to get bored :)

Hoping your Friday is filled with lots of Holiday prep and cheer!