Sunday, December 23, 2012

Paradise Photos = gotta share

Classic Atlantis shot- we love this beach across the Lagoon - it's our favorite one!! 

ending of a day - relaxing and loving the shine on the water

Photo from our balcony- you can see the cruise ships parked in between those 2 steeples.  One is the Disney cruise!!! 

Fabulous Architecture everywhere!!

Horse fountain-- it's HUGE

We saw lots of different Gorgeous Christmas trees- it helped a bit even though the temps were in the 80s and everyone is in a swimsuit!

Highlight of the trip -- got to go to Dolphin Cay!

So many gorgeous places for photos at Atlantis
Well, I am definitely back in Christmas land- after a wonderful trip to Paradise.  Got a chance to go thru my many many photos and wanted to show a few!  There are many many more=so maybe have to save a few more for AFTER we celebrate Jesus' birthday!

Oh yes-- I did kiss this cute BOY

This was soooo awesome- the dolphins were sooo sweet

gorgeous day for a day with the dolphins

Time for a treat!

These are just a few of our many shots!  It was an awesome trip and we are now excited to be back to our Family and ready to celebrate the REASON for the SEASON== the birth of Jesus Christ!!!  Have a lovely celebration!!