Saturday, April 14, 2012

THANK YOU Pinterest!!!!

I wish I were someone who really had original ideas - but sorry---- I am not.  BUT thankfully I can take an idea I see and run with it!  Thank YOU and a shout out to Pinterest for most of my decorating and creative ideas these days!!
Today, We braved the wild winds of April in Albuquerque and planted the garden.  Jensen and I picked out all the Beautiful plants yesterday, and now we were able to get them all in the ground!  I love this time of year when we can make the back patio a Pretty place!

Love these colors and Pansies -- amazing!!!!
 We always have lots of help<.........
 Take note of my gorgoeous Bank Roses behind these 3!  They are absolutely amazing right now!

Jensen was busy trying to bend down and get some flowers and Brooklyn thought she needed a hug! (She's a therapy dog thru and thru!)

 I am so happy I have an awesome gardener -who will help me with my creative streaks!
I absolutely love this old vintage suitcase which had been sitting in my garage for the right project!  I love the locks and it even has the orange travel sticker on the side.
Here is the Final design of my suitcase planter!  I am in LOVE!!!!!  Thanks Pinterest!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Spring time decorating is full of color -- my Very Favorite thing!!!  I made a door decoration Thanks to PINTEREST inspiration- and it turned out awesome!  We hung it on the front door and of course, it is perfect-- April Showers bring May Flowers!!  We are all ready to plant the garden this coming weekend!!!  Easter was a lovely day- and I hope you celebrated the Resurrection with friends, or family -and that the TRUE meaning 0f EASTER- not the bunny -- was at the center of your celebrations.  I was thinking as I made my digital page-- the Writing I did about things being FRESH-- that is the whole point of EASTER!
Christ made us all FRESH and NEW!!!!  Blessings -