Friday, April 20, 2012


Yesterday.....this guy making the Mayo and cheese sandwich  walked out of his highschool for the Last day as a senior!!   Wow!   This photo feels like yesterday- not walking out of school as an 18 year old on his last day of highschool.   He has a great internship coming this month - and of course senior trip to WDW and graduation-- but Class is over - and locker is sparkling clean!!!  He's liking the no more Khaki and polos too!! 
I drug this out of a box- poor printed digitals from long ago -- but since we had the same thing for big sister- with her bestie - I thought it would be cute to pull out Ross and Caleb's Kindergarten graduation picture too!  Caleb and Ross have been friends all their lives - Ross is 3 days older than his buddy, but they have been friends all thru school and remain friends today !
here's the girls!
Our children have been so lucky to have these awesome life-long friends.  

Well- flash forward to this year>>>>
Here's Ross and little sis on Easter-- and these pix remind me how FAST life goes!  No more mayo and cheese sandwiches-- It's more like a whole pizza now!!!  We are so excited for all that God has for Ross - and that he finished his highschool days in a Wonderful fashion!!!   So proud of you Son

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just for FUN

Today I am playing around with some images and using a bunch of cool digital stuff from Designer digitals.  Just playing around.....

credits:  Designer Digitals: KPertiet, StudioDD, Anna Aspnes, HO3