Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lampshade latest

Here's one thing I have been up to!!! 
I found an old lamp shade at a flea market and the fabric was so fragile and ripped that it was very simple to rip off.  What I was left with was just the metal frame of the shade.   I needed to re-vamp my nightstand lamp, so with a little book paper and some embellishments--- we have a new shade.  
Granted --this shade is much more decorative that functional- but the bedroom lamp doesn't get used very much --just about an hour or so before bed-- so the paper shade is not in any danger of over heating. I love all the dimension and fun things tied ON!! 
The colors are perfect for our bedroom and Of course, Birds are my Thing!!! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Read All about it on Page 82!

The latest and GREATEST edition of Cricut Magazine just arrived and I want you to go look on Page 82!  You will see one of my favorite layouts of recent days!!  It is an honor to be in this beautiful publication!!!  I hope you will check out a copy - I promise to post the layout later!!!