Friday, November 2, 2012

Just a little Halloween!

Pansy is a clown-- and in real-life- she really does keep us in stitches.  I do not think she was one bit excited about the costumes! 

Here's PIPER-- the frog.  She got her frog costume handed down from Big sister Brooklyn and it was kinda big. Piper is actually sitting still due to the visit to the groomer during the day and we have to drug her with Benadryl to help the groomer out.   She looks like she is having a hard time sitting up!!! 

Here is darling Brooklyn- and she cooperates with anything we want to do.  Look at her antennae on her head!! 
Yesterday just got away from me-- some days just are like that- so I did not get to post my Halloween pix here.   Today, I am sharing the pix we took of our 3 pooches and their Halloween costumes.  WE had a funny photoshoot-- it took 3 of us to wrangle them- but the pix were totally worth it!!
By this time Piper needs to lay down.  

We love this one!!! 

Try some treats???? These girls all know some Tricks but they prefer TREATS

She's just amazing-- and super cooperative!!  Brooklyn is our therapy dog! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend UPDATE

sunset on Campus
This past weekend was Family Weekend at Point Loma -where Ross is in college.  Sadly, Randy had to work, but Jensen and I were able to go see him!  We had a great time== and here's the weekend UPDATE!!
My traveling buddy and her son

who couldn't play baseball or run track here??

a visit to Balboa Park- stunning

architecture that is amazing

Jen and I posing for Ross

Jensen took this one!! 
LaJolla at Sunset-- so classic!! 

Caught this little guy at Sea World

These two are so gorgeous! 

I love these dolphins-- so interactive!!

It was an awesome weekend in San Diego and we are so blessed to be able to go and enjoy!!!