Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Again?????

I don't know where the WEEK goes!!  I feel like we just had Monday and now = we are at Friday again!  There are not too many Fridays left in 2012.  I can not even account for all we have done this year-- I guess I am happy I scrapbook- I can look back and remember!  It's all a blurr----
Today I have the Christmas music blasting and I look outside and it is so gorgeous!  I was in Phoenix last weekend and it was also gorgeous-- so it feels like maybe October.  NOT Christmas!!!
I am wrapping up a storm today- thankfully done shopping and it is always fun for me to WRAP!  It's kinda  like ART!  So looking forward to it.
I will share some decoration highlights today!  My tree is a new theme this year and new colors (so as not to get bored :)

Hoping your Friday is filled with lots of Holiday prep and cheer!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December TREATS

Not a bad way to spend the First weekend in December!!!
My friends in Phoenix!!! Girl time extraordinaire

Yes, Dear-- there is a Heaven on Earth
Oh my goodness People:  It's December!!!  Wow- it's upon us!!!  I had such a treat this weekend by getting to go to Phoenix to take a class and shop and have a spa day to celebrate my Friend Debbie's birthday!  Here are my Instagram Pix with the highlights!!!

Shopping and Our Class with Debby Schuh!!  We made adorable projects!!!  I also got to see an old stamping friend who used to come to my house In Albuquerque all the time!  Great to see YOU Jennifer!!!

these are my SPA day pix!  We celebrated Debbie's birthday with a  day at the Aji Spa-- totally pampered and  hanging out at the pool.  Had to include Debbie's greeter- Roxy-- she is so cute!!!
It was just a wonderful time!!!