Monday, December 30, 2013

What is left after Christmas??

Christmas is over-- and it's almost a brand new Year!!  What is left??? Anything left to do for 2013?? I love to think about all the things we did over the year, and of course, Photos are a big part of how I remember.   This photoshoot was prompted by my thinking of what a fantastic Gift Jesus was to us.
I think the BEST gift he Gave to us is HOPE!  I have lots of HOPE for the coming year..

The glitz and the shine-- my favorite! 

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Loved this reflection in my teapot!  I was walking thru the room and saw this pretty sight reflecting off the silver

some of my favorite antique ornaments

Yes, I am a glitter girl! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

We ADORE Christmas Layout

I hope you will visit the Marion Smith Designs blog today and see what I created!  This is one of my favorite pics and photoshoots of all time- so I made a fun ADORE layout with Marion's Nirvana Collection!  Go see!!!!  Have a super day!

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Snow Report

Last week, we had a little snow= and I finally got around to sharing these pics!  Like all of you, the week is full of Christmas prep and I haven't had time to blog!  Here's the fun pix I took of Jensen building a snowman!  We are so lucky with our weather here - it does snow  but it usually  melts quickly.  There wasn't much on the ground to work with as you can see by the pictures and the grass coming thru.  Jensen used every single snow flake we had to make a very BIG snowman!  He turned out pretty cute!! 
This girl loves the snow!  (and the mud it makes when it melts)

Several leaves got in the big snow ball too! 
It's very big! 

Starting the 2nd level 

Got out a snowman kit from a couple years ago

The arms -- almost done! 
He's a cutie don't you think???

Happy weekend and hope you get all your Christmas prep done!! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gift tags on my MIND

 This Saturday is my day to share some gift tag ideas on the Marion Smith Team blog!  I made a quick and cute tag which would be easy for any occasion!  Hope you will visit and see how I did it!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Need some Holiday Inspiration???

It's December 4th, Peeps and If you are struggling with some gift ideas or Christmas decor ideas, I have a solution!  I love the Northridge Publishing magazines and they have several issues right now that feature so many ideas your head will spin!!  I wanted to share the Christmas issue of Cricut magazine!  I have a project featured in this issue, and even though it is not a Christmas idea- the magazine is chock full of them!  Hope you will go see!  One thing  I love and Love more and more is that Northridge is now all digital.. YOU can subscribe on your computer or iPad and take the issues with you wherever you have time to browse!!  I use it when I am in a doctors office or riding along in the car!

This is my Birthday idea== on Page 78!!  
I hope you will go visit at and sign up for your digital subscription.. It is a feast for the ideas and easy access without having to store lots of paper issues!!  
Happy Holiday Idea Hunting! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sharing a creative project

I know it is Thanksgiving week- but since I am a crafter, I am always trying to get ahead of things and prepare for the holidays.  I have a post today on the Marion Smith Blog about my book tree and how I made it for Christmas.   Check it out - it's a fun gift and YOU can make one too!!!
It turned out so cute!!
Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Valentine Cousins!

From my last post, you know I was recently moving my parents, but in addition to that little job- we also got to celebrate the marriage of my youngest Valentine Cousin! Yes, I have the privilege of being a Valentine- and we got to see the cousins all together for this happy occasion!   Jodi was the flower girl in my wedding 30 years ago! We were so thrilled to celebrate with her and her new husband Scott at their wedding reception back in her home town.  They had gotten married in Paradise!!  Montego Bay Jamaica!!  So here they were-- all tan and happy when we had their fun party!  I was a very poor photographer this time-- due to the low lights and my flash acting up- so I am only sharing a few pics!

Madison and Morgan and Jensen
That's my dear hubby telling the bride and groom something-- Not sure what!! 

The bride with her big sissy!  

A beautiful bride- love the bling!! 

Jodi and her parents- my aunt and uncle!  They are the BEST!! 
Here we are-- all the Valentine Girl cousins!  Yes, I am a Valentine!!!  We all love that!  These girls are all awesome people and I love it that we were all together!!! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mission Accomplished!!

I am a very accomplishment -oriented person, and I love to start projects and see them thru to the finish!  This week, I got to be a part of finishing a project we have been working on for over a year.  We got to help move my parents back in Iowa into their new handicapped accessible home!   What a blessing!!
This is a photo of one of the last times my dad will have to unload my mom and push her up a big ramp into their old home...  wow......
This is part of the living room/diningroom area and looking into my mom's bedroom.

We loved their new kitchen and the space to get around.  The door on the far left of this picture is the door to the garage

Mom's new handicapped shower allows her to roll right in there! 

And her vanity is perfect height for her in the wheelchair

This is the guest bathroom

Dad's room is a beautiful blue
This is a view into the main big kitchen/livingroom/dining room from the door to the garage.  The purple room at the other end is mom's bedroom.

The basement has a gorgeous blue bedroom where we will stay when we visit.  These cement floors look dirty in the shot, but are gorgeous

This is the basement family room.

We are very thrilled for mom and dad and we had a ton of people helping get them moved and settled!!  We got it all finished up -- just in time - before the snow flies..
WE also had the pleasure of attending my cousin Jodi's wedding reception.. Jodi and her husband Scott got married the week before in Jamaica!  I enjoyed being able to help decorate for the reception and it was absolutely beautiful!  We are so happy for her.. I did not get fantastic photos due to low-lighting- but will share a few in a day or so.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's time to be Thankful

Today I shared my journal of Thankfulness on Marion's blog! This time of year is always so fun with the holidays and I am reminded of how Blessed we are.  I made this journal where I will be recording all the fun Blessings of the month!  Hope you go visit and check it out!
thanks for stopping by!! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

New Edition

The latest edition of the Cricut Magazine is out!  They are now digital, so it is so easy to access online or on your IPad!  Hope you will check it out for inspiration- and cute projects for the coming season!  Halloween will be over this week- and then on to one of my very favorite holidays- THANKSGIVING!  Even though I feel that the RETAIL industry wants to forget about being Thankful and move right on to Christmas-- I LOVE the season of counting our blessings!  I will take that day to Enjoy my blessings and Christmas will come along soon enough!!  The layout in Cricut Magazine is featuring my Blessings!  Hope you will go see it!!!
This is one cute pumpkin! 

Honored to be on page 44!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Great things to come!

Such an exciting announcement from Marion this week!  She's got a new and exciting release coming and I am drooling over the JUNQUE!!!   We are all excited to get our hands on this fun stuff.. Who doesn't love the glitter glasses and they Bike???? I am so excited to get these-- More info to come!!!
I may not be able to use any of them-- I tend to HOARD these cool things!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Need a Quick Project for Halloween???

I wanted a cute little project for my mantle for Halloween, so I made a very fast and cute little Shadow box with the Nirvana Collection from Marion Smith Designs!  I hope you will visit her blog and see it all done up!  It was not only FUN, but quick and easy!!  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Sweet Gift Box

On the Marion Smith Designs Blog today:
I am sharing a lunchbox I altered for a birthday gift!  Please go read all about it!!
My decorated lunch box

Holds a little Mini album inside

notes and photos make a great little birthday card!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

October means: Halloween, of course!

It's my turn to share on the Marion Smith Designs blog today!  I used a photo I took of Jensen in her PINK Witchie hair last year and joined some of Marion's Nirvana Printables to make this Spooktacular Layout!  Go visit and read all about it!  Have a Spooktacular Thursday!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Something to Go SEE

Sharing today the Link to my Son's college in San Diego!  I hope you will go see the website and see the "Week in Pictures"!  It's got the awesome work than none other than my Son!!!  Ross got the job to photograph and maintain the Week in Pictures for the Point Loma website!!!  How cool is that??? I hope you enjoy the pics-- It will definitely make you want to enroll!!!  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

How Could I Forget???

Just realized today that I had forgotten to share my September Cricut Magazine project! How did that happen????  Many of you know I love to make things for Home Decor  - and I fill my walls with projects!  Makes me inspired and Happy!!!  So this one is particularly fun!!!   This framed piece was fun to make using the Cricut and cutting out the pieces- very easily and quickly!!  This project features Vintage Chic from Heidi Swapp papers!!  It will be a favorite on my wall!! It's featured in the September Cricut Magazine - from Nortridge publishing which has now gone Digital!!!  It's awesome to have all my issues on my iPad!!!
Key to my Heart

Loved the layers

Go enjoy all the projects in this issue!!! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

October is Right around the Corner

This Month's Cricut Magazine is on Line- and it's full of the cutest Halloween inspiration!!  Check out!
You will have so many ideas filling your head right in time to decorate for Halloween!!
I am honored to have my layout (fall) in this issue!  This one is about an adorable little guy I have photographed since he was born!  YOU will Love Noah's sweet face on this page!!  I love it that the Northridge Publishing magazines are online and on my iPad!  Very gorgeous format - and even though I love the actual paper editions I have, the Ipad goes wherever I go and it holds all the issues!!  Very fun!

October Cricut Magazine
Fall fun Layout 

Go see the whole issue