Thursday, January 17, 2013

a TINY snowman

We did get a little snow this week- which Means -- my camera goes outside to get at least a few pictures since we don't have lots of snow often.  WE usually have Dry brown grass in the winter- and even though the sky is gorgeous BLUE we don't get the pretty background that snow is very often.  As far as photographing it  - I love it-- but then it can melt and go away!!  I much prefer warm and a BEACH!!

Here's a few shots of Jensen trying to build a snowman.  Certainly he did not turn out BIG=== but he is certainly adorable!
Yes, this is all she had to work with .....
He's very cute!!! 
He's a shorty! 
The dogs love to play in the snow too so I had fun catching them running around in it.
The sun is starting to go down and I love how Brooklyn is illuminated -- she has an Angelic glow!
Brooklyn was eating the snowball like it was a snowcone! 

Caught this special moment - I definitely couldn't pose them to do this!

You can see how the shadows are coming- but this sweet girl is adorable with her snow NOSE!!

There's Piper and Her snow face!

Tomorrow it is going to be 50 degrees -- so back to dry brown grass and Yes, we will still have our blue skies!!!